Summatime Ceviche.


ceviche 1


ceviche 3

Now that summer has officially hit, it’s time to lighten things up a bit with some fresh and easy recipes! It’s been in the high 90’s the last couple weeks, so what better of a way then to tap into some yummy Latin dishes. I am a vegetarian for the last seven/eight years but I do eat fish on occasion. This particular dish is only jumbo prawns, but you can add other white fish if desired.

What you’ll Need:

  • tomato (diced) (2)
  • organic jumbo prawns 2/3 lb
  • cilantro
  • white or red onion (chopped)
  • lemon (2)
  • lime (5)
  • avocado
  • ketchup (1 teaspoon) (Sounds weird but it’s for the cocktail flavor)
  • salt (dash)
  • pepper (dash)
  • jalapeno (diced-I used half)
  • Hot Sauce (tobacco, or I used Whole Foods 365 brand Jalapeno Hot Sauce)

Dice up your ingredients, throw in a bowl and add lemon and lime. (Yes, it’s that easy!!) For this one,  I added about 5 limes- and 2 lemons. There was extra juice so depending on the juiciness of the limes you could probably use 3 or 4. I always make more than I need to  (my portions are frequently off while cooking  for one) but I would say this feeds about 4 people. I let the ceviche sit in the fridge (covered) for about 45 min. The seafood cooks pretty fast so I would suggest checking depending on the color from uncooked fish to cooked. It’s also recommended to cook the seafood in the lemon and lime as it loses flavor if you cook before and then add. You can eat this by itself, with a corn tortilla, chips or on a tostada. Hope you enjoy!

Current Vibes

Current Vibes
I am a basic chick. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to get dressed up and feel amazing but more often than not you will catch me in a casual go to t-shirt and jeans! Typically Rag & Bones to be exact.  I just broke down and  ordered some Birkenstocks this last month. Took a little bit of debate, but what the heck at least we know they will come back in style in about twenty years! What’s your style like? Casual, dressy, prints? My favorite is plain and stripes, but I am working on mixing it up a bit! Happy Thursday ya’ll!

Photoshoot Take Two.



This weekend I finished up my photoshoot with Kent Avenue Photography! Second time around was a little less stressful meaning you know what your in store for as far as how to pose, and overall comfort. Outfits were picked out, makeup done by a good friend let’s face it, being beautified was absolutely amazing! Can this happen every day?? It felt good to be a model for a day haha! I can’t wait for you all to see these amazing pictures. I am in the works of putting together some events with friends to share more newtritionsavvy lifestyle habits. Be on the lookout. Have a great Monday!

Gawker Attack on Food Babe

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.32.18 AM

I normally don’t post any such rants on social media because it’s annoying but this one I can’t let go! All day Tuesday this Gawker attack on Foodbabe was trending on Facebook. I had multiple friends post about it and I couldn’t help but just feel baffled of those opinions coming from people I know!!!! I mean really, are you a food expert to have any sort of opinion?? Are you doing all you can do to better your health? Surprisingly, the people posting about this aren’t so healthy, or in shape for that matter therefore I don’t think their opinion counts at all. To sum it up, this is what I think.  These people who posted yesterday about the blogger Foodbabe saying she’s a fraud etc. need to take some time to pick up a book and educate yourself about the food system in the United States. It’s a shame that when one line out of the entire interview/ post is headlined the person sharing the information gets bashed for false accusations. This girl doesn’t claim to be a doctor, nor does she claim to be a scientist or anything for that matter. What she does claim to be is a food advocate for a better food system. I only speak from experience having a blog myself and constantly trying to educate people that small choices with food quality can really change the way you look, feel and prevent overall disease in your future. Like anything, nothing is promised but I think we can all agree that the food system in the United States falls very low on the totem poll compared to other countries and the diseases that cause the majority of deaths per year (heart disease, diabetes, cancer) can generally (not always) be prevented by lifestyle changes… But also, once again the the highest death rates due to these diseases are in the United States.

We live in an era where there is no accountability. The easy way out is to go to the doctor for chronic pain, or ANYTHING for that matter. We don’t spend money on food, heck we don’t even have dinner at the dinner table anymore. Everything is about being the fastest and the cheapest. If you don’t believe in organic and are fine with pesticides please take some time to read about the correlation between cleft lip and runoff water from those unorganic concentrated food operations, or DDT and mental illness. Autism, ADD, Celiac Disease, IBS, Crohns ….all of these diseases that are brushed off by most because they don’t want to make personal changes. These things are not normal people!!!!!!! Just remember anytime you make an opinion of someone and their beliefs to first be educated. A better food system is beyond necessary for people to care more about. It’s your body. It’s your mental health. We live in a more than privileged country, I don’t understand why this is so difficult to improve. Know your farmers, and know your food. Believe it!!!!!!!!!

Healthy Workplace.

Newtritionsavvy Snack
Happy Tuesday! I have recently started a new job which requires a little bit of effort in the staying healthy department. Alarm clock goes off at 5:45 AM, roll out of bed about 6:15 shower, get ready and before you know it it’s already 7:15AM! I don’t know about you but there is barely any time in the morning to get ready muchless prep my snacks and lunch for the day. You know what this means?? I  have to plan ahead!! I know, I know this freaks some people out, but if you’re not going to meal plan you at least have to pack some snacks that will make it less of a temptation to dig into the usual suspect treats at work. Water, fruit, fresh Suja juice and a good magazine for my downtime are how I can power through the work day. If you are able to take a walk/run during your lunch hour, I highly recommend it. It’s easy for some  to become sedentary when you are sitting behind a desk or stuck in meetings all day. My solution to you is that you MUST make time. 20 min, 30 min, and hour, whatever you can get in for exercise is better than nothing!
I also look for creative inspiration on instagram. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are:

Follow them on Insta!

@WEWORK : they are a coworking company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love. As we grow throughout the world, creative and healthy work spaces .
@wholefoodsmarket: My favorite grocery store providing sustainable & organic food.
@Suja: I love their juices. Usually I make my own, but if I am in a rush I usually pick this one up as my go to!
@classpass: It’s always inspiring for me to see people working out and being motivated. I think that the more we surround ourselves with like minded people the better we will be. Classpass is great- I highly recommend this as a monthly gym pass.

Blackberry Crostini




What you'll need :

- Baguette
- Organic Blackberry
- Organic Goat Cheese
- Organic Mint
- Organic Honey

This is the easiest recipe. Toast the crostini’s until lightly brown. (350 for 7-10 min or so). Remove from the oven and smear the goat cheese onto crostini. You have the option to chop the mint or place the entire mint leaf onto the bread. Pop your blackberry on there, drizzle with honey and you are set to go.  Before eating I mashed the blackberry onto the goat cheese so it was a bit easier to eat! Let me know if you try these…they were DELISH and refreshing!

Newtritionsavvy Lifestyle.


This past weekend I had a chance to collaborate with one of my favorite photographers Kent Avenue Photography. It’s been a long time coming in regards regrouping blog posts, style and the type of lifestyle I am trying to capture. I have been wanting to take professional pictures for some time but somehow life seems to get in the way and this has been pushed to the bottom of the list. Not anymore! We finally made it happen. I love posting pictures of food and sharing with my friends that it is in fact easy to live a healthy lifestyle when you a) like what you are doing (with anything but in this case eating etc.) and b) have a couple guidelines to follow such as recipes, where to shop, and just direction. I feel like the best thing about being newtritionsavvy is that it is targeted to your every day type of person. Yes, sometimes we get busy. Yes, sometimes We have school, work or other things that occupy our time. Or hey, maybe we get lazy….let’s face it, we are all guilty at one moment or another. But beyond this moment we need to keep ourselves accountable and remember that our goals are just as important as our habits. Think of it like this: If we miss work too much, we probably won’t get paid or that promotion that we have been wanting. It’s just like our lifestyle. If we slack off too much we won’t see the results we want and in the end won’t feel as great as our full potential. Does this sound familiar? I am right there with you when it comes to the struggle…but know that the better I take care of myself both physically and mentally I will be able to tackle all areas of my life with greater strength than before. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy or that I don’t fall off track because believe that once in a while I do! With that said, I look forward to sharing with you some great pictures and routines that make my life a little bit easier.

Weekends Are Made For FUN!

IMG_4226 IMG_4241 IMG_4242 IMG_4263-2 IMG_4271 IMG_4276



This weekend was so much fun! I headed to Santa Cruz with the pup to catch some sunshine. It’s hardly been any type of winter here in CA but i’ll take it anyway. Nothing beats flip flops, t-shirts and 75 degrees in the beginning of March. Yes I did splurge on some ice cream and yes that is the pretties sunset (pictured above). Sometimes all you need to reboot is to take a drive, relax and get your mental thoughts in order for the next week. I started working out again last week (circuit training) and so my body was a bit tired through the recovery of the first couple workouts. I know, that ice cream counteracts the workout process but hey, burn to earn, right?! I am looking forward to a great week and wish you all the same!


Quick + Easy Quinoa Salad.

IMG_0041 IMG_0043   IMG_0046   IMG_0047


What you’ll Need:

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • cherry tomatoes
  • black beans
  • zucchini
  • orange bell pepper
  • jicama
  • red onion (i used white because I forgot to buy red )
  • jalapeno
  • avocado

Usually I make this an all raw ingredient salad but this time I had to cook a few veggies. I sautéed the white onion, orange bell pepper, zucchini and jalapeño for a few minutes with salt/pepper/taco seasoning. (I only like cooked bell pepper and cooking the jalapeño can reduce the spice but still maintain the flavor).You can opt out of cooking  either if you would like. I cooked the quinoa the same as you would rice. For every 1 cup quinoa there is 2 cups water used. (You can also use chicken stock instead of water for more flavor). Once the quinoa is finished I combined the cooked veggies with my raw veggies.  Combine the cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans,  jicama, and avocado together  with the sautéed vegetables and flavor with olive oil,  salt/pepper and lemon (to taste). This salad is great for lunch or to bring to your next Pot Luck! Let me know how you like it!

Organic Steel Cut Oats (My Favorite Breakfast)





Why Steel cut Oats?

Steel cut oats are an excellent source of protein. 7grams per 1/4 cut of dry oats to be exact. There are both soluble & insoluble fiber in these types of oats which is associated with improving blood sugar levels in diabetes and improved cholesterol levels. They take about 15-20 minutes to cook. I add a little bit of raw sugar and cinnamon to the mix. If you add fruit you can take the sugar out because the banana especially is loaded with natural sweetness that helps with the plain flavor of the oats.

Breakfast (for those that don’t know) is extremely important in your overall functioning throughout the day. “Breakfast” literally means the meal that “breaks the fast”. It’s considered your most important meal because it affects your eating for the rest of the day. Starting the day with a well-balanced meal that supplies adequate protein, carbohydrate and fiber keeps hunger at bay and allows you to make wise choices for the meals which follow.


Have you tried steel cut oats? If so, what do you think? If not, what is your favorite form of breakfast?