Wisdom Teeth Survival Guide.


You guys! I am happy to report that last Thursday I finally grew some balls and had ALL four of my wisdom teeth taken out. I am the BIGGEST scaredy cat when it comes to the dentist but I have been so into getting shit done this year that this was pretty much at the top of my list for 2017! The main reason is that #1 my teeth have been crowding so much in the last year and #2 I really want to get Invisalign and straighten these bad boys out but my dentist wouldn’t let me until I had the wisdom taken away. Should you have a great oral surgeon the entire process I will admit is NOT terrible. (I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth).  Yes, it’s a little awkward at first when you get home and your mouth is bleeding so much but it stops within a couple of hours so from there on it’s just sore and healing time. I was put out for the entire time of the surgery (highly recommend) and don’t remember anything besides arriving and leaving- I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you are doing this in the near future I recommend you have the following on hand:

  1. Applesauce (this saved my life the second day, everything else was too thick). The first day I was too grossed out with the blood to eat.
  2. Pudding/Jello- These were okay for me for day 3/day 4 because I felt comfortable moving my mouth a little more and opening just a few cm wider.
  3. Pureed Soup- I made a potato & leek and a tomato soup for my recover. This was a lifesaver!!! It was filling and basically like baby food texture so it didn’t hurt my mouth at all. Both were able to be eaten luke warm and taste just as great.
  4. MEDS & ICE PACKS!! Make sure the doctor loads you up. I think this helped a lot considering I am saying this process was basically painless. I think at most your mouth is just really achy if the meds are wearing off. As for the ice packs make sure you have enough for rotation- this will help with the swelling and bruising of your jaw.
  5. A Good TV lineup! I caught up with the Kardashians and also watched all 5 episodes of Big Little Lies (A MUST!). You can also take this time to read-  I am in the middle of Stacey Griffith’s book Two Turns From Zero.

I wish you luck if you have this done!!! Don’t wait- get it overwith! I can’t tell you the relief I feel and disbelief that I actually did it!

Good Luck! xo Sarah