{Berry Assortment}

{Always think, "The more color the better" (Of real foods!}

{Can eat plain or with a drizzle of Agave Nectar}

While topping the antioxdant list as the highest, there are many health benefits to these rich, dark in color berries!

Blueberry Benefits:

  • Protect the brain from oxidative stress
  • Reduce effects of age related conditions
  • Improving vision
  • Protects against macular degeneration
  • Helpful with both diarrhea and constipation.
  • Good source of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber(we need fiber to digest)
  • Keep them free from moisture since presence of water will cause berries to decay

Raspberry Benefits

  • Excellent source of fiber, Vitamin C, falvanoids (reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and stroke)
  • Very good source of vitamin B2
  • Low calorie nutritient-dense food.
  • Great source of the cancer-fighting compound ellagic acid.
  • Buy, Rinse, Pat dry. (Should wash right before use so they don’t become soft and mushy)


When dealing with fruit, eat it alone or leave it alone.  The best time to eat fruit is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. However, if you would like a piece fruit later in the day, wait 3 hours from your previous meal and then enjoy the fruit of your choice. Pairing fruit with other foods can cause fermentation within intestinal tract.

Buuuut, if the only way you will eat fruit is with yogurt or cereal, then by all means…Eat what you can get!