New Book: Chloe’s Kitchen.

Can we say excited!? As of late, I have been buying on Amazon left and right. I see books in Whole Foods and go home only to find it for half the price. My most recent purchase is Chloe’s Kitchen. This is a vegan (no animal product) cookbook that adds a fun twist to cooking. Chloe first capured her audience because she won the show Cupcake Wars with her award winning VEGAN (no animal product- egg/milk) cupcake recipe. “Chef Chloe is luring foodies of all stripes to try her igenious, accessible, recipes for delicious, vibrant, beautiful food.” She has a range between small bites, soups and salads, vegetables, noodles, main courses as well as desserts. Can’t wait to give these a try. I will say, whenever I bring a dish to an event….it’s always the ones that talk smack about the vegetarian food that end up eating the most. Give it a try….you never know what might capture your palet.

{For the record, I am not vegan- but do enjoy cooking with minimal dairy products when I can.}

Have any good cookbooks I should know about?

Happy Friday!


The Sprouted Kitchen is here!


It’s official! I just received this amazing cookbook called, “The Sprouted Kitchen.” Most people either get really intimidated by cookbooks, don’t have enough time or simply buy and let it sit in on their kitchen counter without ever touching it! Sound familiar? This is why I love THIS cookbook..

My intention is to make food taste good through using healthy ingredients; whole grains, unsaturated fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like. Not promising a lot of meat and potatoes in this book, but a bit of indulgence will certainly wiggle in amongst the vegetables. What I can promise is that here you will find recipes that use seasonal ingredients, and organic/local when found accessible and affordable.”

Can’t wait to get to cooking over the weekend. Have a great Thursday everyone!