Coconut Cauliflower Curry.

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The other day I was browsing through insta-stories as most of us do when we are bored or should probably be doing something productive! I tend to follow people who are of ADD value- in that sense these are people that are my friends, that I look to for workout motivation and lastly people that like to cook so I can keep my foodie inspiration going. Lo Bosworth from the Hills popped up and her mom was actually the one in the kitchen cooking some coconut curry Chicken! It looked so yummy I had to take a little spin down vegetarian lane and see if I could put something together that had no meat but tasted just as good. Let’s just clarify I love anything curry and Indian food all together. First, because it is filling and vegetarian and second, because the flavors are amazing and usually out of my reach when it comes to cooking! By that I mean I have never even tried so why not start now! Have no fear- I tested this out and it was surprisingly really good. It was easy, and full of flavor and guess what else??? Completely 100% VEGAN!!! This recipe can easily be made with chicken if you wanted to substitute and skip the vegan route. Either way- it was worth the time to make! You can serve this as both an entree with rice/quinoa or as a side dish with some extra protein as your main.

What you’ll need:

  1. Cauliflower (Half/Cut in little pieces)
  2. 1 Can Chickpeas / Drained
  3. Handful Chopped Basil + Cilantro (Chopped)
  4. Curry Powder (1 Tablespoon) you can add more
  5. 1 red onion (sliced)
  6. 1 can organic coconut cream (blend together in blender if separates)
  7. 1/2 can organic tomato sauce
  8. salt + pepper
  9. extra virgin olive oil

How to Make:

  1. Heat sauce pan on low/med heat (depending on oven) with olive oil and sliced red onions + curry powder and cook for about 20 min.
  2. Add pre-cut cauliflower (small pieces) when onions are well cooked and almost clear. Make sure all the cauliflower is covered with the olive oil/curry mixture and cook for a 3-4 minutes. **[If you are cooking chicken add in place of cauliflower and cook until it is no longer raw]
  3. Add Tomato Sauce + Coconut Cream + Basil/Cilantro.
  4. Bring to a quick boil for just a minute and reduce heat to simmer for about 30-40 minutes.
  5. Add salt and pepper (moderate- you can always add at the end.  (I like to do just a little so all the flavors can cook together before you have a chance to over season something).
  6. Mid simmer add garbanzo beans- since they are already cooked they need much time in the dish.
  7. When cauliflower seems cooked- taste check on the salt/pepper/add accordingly.
  8. Serve as a main dish with quinoa/rice or as a side dish with additional protein as a main entree.
  9. Top with fresh basil or cilantro as garnish.

This dish takes about 45 minutes to cook. Let me know how it works out!

xo Sarah



Newtritionsavvy Lifestyle.


This past weekend I had a chance to collaborate with one of my favorite photographers Kent Avenue Photography. It’s been a long time coming in regards regrouping blog posts, style and the type of lifestyle I am trying to capture. I have been wanting to take professional pictures for some time but somehow life seems to get in the way and this has been pushed to the bottom of the list. Not anymore! We finally made it happen. I love posting pictures of food and sharing with my friends that it is in fact easy to live a healthy lifestyle when you a) like what you are doing (with anything but in this case eating etc.) and b) have a couple guidelines to follow such as recipes, where to shop, and just direction. I feel like the best thing about being newtritionsavvy is that it is targeted to your every day type of person. Yes, sometimes we get busy. Yes, sometimes We have school, work or other things that occupy our time. Or hey, maybe we get lazy….let’s face it, we are all guilty at one moment or another. But beyond this moment we need to keep ourselves accountable and remember that our goals are just as important as our habits. Think of it like this: If we miss work too much, we probably won’t get paid or that promotion that we have been wanting. It’s just like our lifestyle. If we slack off too much we won’t see the results we want and in the end won’t feel as great as our full potential. Does this sound familiar? I am right there with you when it comes to the struggle…but know that the better I take care of myself both physically and mentally I will be able to tackle all areas of my life with greater strength than before. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy or that I don’t fall off track because believe that once in a while I do! With that said, I look forward to sharing with you some great pictures and routines that make my life a little bit easier.

Athleta + Gap Fit Nail it!

Gap Fit Nails it!
Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce to you GAP FIT. I know, I know it’s not new to the rest of the world but it’s new to me. I am an avid GAP shopper when it comes to my everyday wear because most of the time the pieces they make will last years. When it comes to workout gear on the other hand, I am not one to branch out and try new brands. The problem with my body is that my legs are skinny, my boobs are big and my waste fits somewhere in between – so when it comes to shopping for athletic wear it’s either too big or barely fits in some areas. Not only is this discouraging but it has prevented me from really giving other brands  a try. Needless to say, I stumbled upon Gap Fit over Christmas while shopping for family and decided I would give it a try. The material they use is similar to that of Lululemon which I am familiar with. I bought a few shirts like the one on the top right (pictured above) and decided to give the crops a try as well. What do you know, they were both great! The prices are reasonable and you are walking away with a great product. Thank you Gap for nailing it once again.
If buying new clothes will get you to the gym then you better get shopping! It’s the second week in January….how are you doing with your healthy makeover?

My Thoughts On Health + Diet + Exercise.

savvy sarah

Who Am I?

San Jose Native, blogger and aspiring public speaker for health and nutrition. I am a travel addict, healthy food fanatic, love to cook, lover of all things positive, sun chasing, perfectionist.

Quick Skinny Trick?

I don’t believe in dieting. I don’t diet nor do I count calories. I feel like both of those things are a crime. I think any weight loss should be a healthy process. It takes work, there is no easy way out and chances are if it’s easy it doesn’t last. I have been vegetarian by choice for about 5 years now and that has definitely transformed and played a role in my healthy lifestyle. I exercise about 4-5 times a week between running and circuit training. If you want results you have to put in the work.

Thoughts on working out/eating healthy?

I haven’t always been a workout fanatic. The key is simply starting. I remember when I could barely run 5 minutes on the treadmill. Day after day it was 10, 20, 30 minutes to have now completed my first half marathon earlier this year. Trust me when I say there are days that I am just tired or sore and don’t want to workout, but I know the reward in the end is truly fulfilling that I don’t want to miss it. All of my eating habits are things I genuinely enjoy and I think that is the key to success. Anything that is dreadful will never take priority.

If you are enjoying your workout you’ll do it more often. You’ll also do it happily and lets face it- there’s nothing that pepares you better for your day than positive energy.

Favorite Go To healthy food?

Easy question. I love fresh fruit, green smoothies from Whole Foods (THE BEST!) and raw veggies with hummus.

Motivation to stay in shape?

To feel good as well as look good. There once was a time that I was so uncomfortable with my weight and the way I looked and I will never go back to being lazy. It’s just as important if not more to take care of ourselves, get our mind in a state of gratitude and exercise/eat healthy as often as we can. There should be no excuses….Just Do it.

Favorite Natural Remedy?

Coconut oil.  It’s a great makeup remover, moisturizer and to put it simply a one stop shop.

Most important “being healthy” eating tip?

Try and stay away from foods with labels. You would be surprised how much less bloated and better you will feel immediately. Think this: Less processed, drink more water and eat local/organic.

Most important “being healthy” tip for exercise?

Set defined goals. Consistency. Make time. Get up and do it. No excuses. Baby steps are still steps that all add up.

Cheers. xo