Just Be YOU!


Beautiful. Gross. Strong. Thin. Fat. Pretty. Ugly. Sexy. Disgusting. Flawless. Woman. Amy Schumer, I don’t think you could have summed up any better what us women go through on a daily basis. I saw this picture and couldn’t help but think, “Wow! That is a real woman!” Our brains are flooded daily from the moment we wake up and begin scrolling on Instagram and  Facebook comparing our lives and expectations to the millions of other people in this world. Why is she so pretty? Why is she so skinny? Why is she traveling so much? Why don’t I have this life? Why are my boobs so big, hips so wide, hair so thin? The questions and assumptions can go on and on and what continues to go on is the fake reality of what WE as WOMEN are “supposed” to look like and go through every day. Monday we feel ready to conquer the week (beautiful), Tuesday maybe we didn’t get enough sleep (tired), Wednesday we had a great workout (fit and thin), Thursday we might have eaten a bit too much at the work lunch-in (fat) and Friday, well….Friday we count down to 5pm and are ready for our two favorite words: Saturday & Sunday! I am grateful that someone of some sort of power can reach a crowd of people and show, hey this is what I look like and I feel great. I am not perfect, I never will be perfect but I embrace what I have been given and work hard at maintaining exactly that! Thanks, Amy.


Organic Dog Biscuits: Yes Please!


apple pie biscuits

I recently came across this amazing bakery that sells organic dog biscuits. We constantly hear all the fuss about eating healthy for ourselves, but what about those furry friends of ours? They should be fed the best food as well that will help them live long, healthy lives. If I had the time, I would make these myself but I will leave it to Chloe’s Bakery. Such a great concept and the prices are definitely reasonable. Thank you so much for sending me a free sample- my Khloe LOVED them! =)

This is their story:


“Chloe is a 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier. I started making her all-natural, organic biscuits because I want her to live a long and healthy life,I believe dogs deserve REAL wholesome healthy food just like us. I see so many dog treats out on store shelf’s that contain chemicals,preservatives, or water-y broths,that is just not healthy period.I wanted to make a change.

So that’s when I decided I’d take my love for baking & cooking with fresh seasonal,organic ingredients, and Chloe’s love for treats and start an all-Natural,organic dog biscuit bakery. Right in the heart of Westchester County in New York. We bake the biscuits by hand in small batches,with the finest ingredients we can find. All Natural with no chemicals,no preservatives,or water y-broths as flavoring. Just REAL simple wholesome human grade ingredients for your four legged furry friend.”

You can purchase the biscuits here. You can also find Chloes Bakery on instagram @ChessDevino. Enjoy!