4 Day Weekend…Yes Please!


Happy Belated 4th of July! I don’t know about all of you but that was a relaxing and much needed 4 day weekend. It was a bit weird that 4th of July landed on a Tuesday but hey, i’ll take the extra day off! Last Thursday Soul Cycle finally opened it’s long awaited doors to the public. The anticipation has been for some months now with the original target date being in May. Of course if you are familiar with anything in Los Gatos, it usually takes light years for everything to be approved by the Chamber of Commerce so it’s not surprising that there was some sort of delay. Never the less, with the delay came a whole day of community riding on behalf of Soul Cycle! What does this mean? FREE classes all day. You don’t have to tell me this twice, anything FREE with Soul Cycle is an extra bonus to my day! With that said, since I usually travel to Palo Alto to take the class I rounded up a couple of my favorites to join in on the fun. There was no room for any excuses!!!! Los Gatos is CLOSE & the class was FREE so what more can you possibly want! I sent out a text to some friends and even called and signed them up so they could get the full experience without having to pay the usually $32/class. (I know, it seems expensive) When you actually put it into perspective that is the price of 2 glasses of wine, so you make the choice! For me, the money will be spent either way so why not spend it in a way that benefits my health!

Friday morning I headed down to Newport Beach with some girlfriends to hang for the weekend. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees. Sunday we rented bikes and rode from Newport to Hunnington….that was fun! We ate a few great restaurants: ARC being one of them [pictured above] and True Food Kitchen. If you have never been there it’s a MUST! For my local Bay Area friends they have one at Stanford Mall and it’s definitely work the trek. Check it out- it’s real food that actually tastes good. What a concept! I spent 4th of July with family BBQ-ing & cooking some favorites. It couldn’t have been a better end to the long weekend! I hope you all had a great time even if you didn’t venture out of town!

xo Sarah


Summer Hang Out.




One of my favorite weekend hang-out spots is Rootstock wine bar in Los Gatos. It’s perfect for a little afternoon snack and they have great patio seating. The wine bar itself is quaint as they only serve beer, wine and small plates but a great venue for a catch up sesh with friends or a romantic date with your guy/gal. I went there last weekend after strolling through the town, sat outside and enjoyed a couple of my go to appetizers. My favorite item is the beet salad {pictured above} which is a must try. It has yellow beets, goat cheese and arugula….and well, my second favorite is those green olives! I can’t get enough. If you’re in the area and get a chance you should check this place out. Enjoy this summer weather before it’s over.

Hot Pilates


I finally had a chance to check out Hot Pilates at Yoga Source in Los Gatos. I have many friends that have done the class and always suggest that I try it, but I never made it a priority to try until Monday. Thanks to a friend who gave me a free class I was able to finally see what Hot Pilates is all about. I will admit that since starting FNS last May, my yoga practice has taken a bit of a back seat. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s equally as important to decompress and stretch your body out as it is to do high intensity conditioning and weight training. Clearly, I need to get better a balancing both. The Pilates class was great- the music helps get through the poses because by the end of them your legs are shaking! Haha I should have thought this through as I am training for the half marathon next Sunday. It’s a mix between bridges, jump squats, lunges, abs, child’s pose and downward dog with Bikram style heat. Just when you think you want to stop it’s onto the next pose….and then it was over. Now, knowing what to expect I can’t wait to try it again. The class itself is no joke so if you’re a beginner I would probably choose another workout to enjoy.

Weekend 10k & More

What is the best part about the weekend? For me, it is being able to work out/hang out with friends, enjoy the weather, and my ultimate favorite is the Farmers market! Next to Nordstrom, the FM and Whole Foods are my favorite places to be! There is no comparison when it comes to taste of the fruits and veggies and I love the access to only what is in SEASON. The vendors are friendly and most importantly local. If you don’t usually visit the Farmers Market, I hope you reconsider and make this a weekly habit. It might make you excited to prepare your meals for the week!

Sunday was an early one! I ran a 10k (6.2 mile)  race. I was all good until mile 4 when my legs started to feel like I was carrying weights on them. They were sore from a prior workout earlier in the week, but never the less I still managed to finish in an hour! Until the next one!

P.S. Just watched the documentary #FoodFight earlier in the week and loved it! Happy to have access to farmers markets and #REALFOOD everyday!#educateamerica CHECK IT OUT!