Lovin This Orange Juice!


Time to start the week right with some fresh juice! This one is carrot, ginger, and grapefruit. What are some of your favorite ingredients that you throw into your fresh juice?


Monday Mantra

Happy Monday! It’s been a great day already if I say so myself. As we enter the last week of January, it’s Back to the 6 AM wakeup calls, 7 AM classes and days full of nutrition enrichment (aka class). Back to the grind of school, working out and work and so grateful to be here. This morning I finally tackled the 30 inch box jump and will be ending the week with the half marathon. I’m feelin’ pretty good… Hope you all are as well! I will keep this short and sweet and wish you all a great week. Dive into it with a great attitude, encourage others and know that whatever you put your mind to you can do it!