Gym Favs.

Newtritionsavvy Gym Favorites


I don’t know about you guys but I am OBSESSED with this new Athleisure movement. I know working out has always been a thing but it seems like now more than ever it’s all about that style you posses in the gym. As my body has changed quite a bit over the last few years I have come to discover items that I probably would never have worn before (crops etc). I used to swear by Lululemon only (which I still do on some products) but I will say that I have branched out in other areas. The items above are just a few of my favorite things when it comes to the gym! As you have probably noticed I love black and grey clothes – I think thats just the neutral tone lover inside of me but it always works no matter how I am feeling! ūüôā
1. Nike – These products never get old. I swear by Nike only for a training shoe. The key is finding one that works for you. I have these Zooms and I LOVE them for my time in the gym. Along with their shoes I love Nike athletic wear as well. I think it’s important not just to wear brands but know what the company stands for. I support their mission 100% and apply that into my training mentality every single time I workout.
2. Lululemon BRA РOk let me just say there is NOTHING in the world better than a Lululemon sports bra. I have a pretty large cup size and I have my whole life. There was a time in which I would wear a regular bra as well as a sports bra (I know, this is kind of mortifying now that I am thinking about it) until I discovered the Ta Ta Tamer sports bra. The durability is not comparable to any other kind. I have had all of mine for about 5 years and they are still in brand new condition. I am not exaggerating either!!! They have since come out with the Enlite Sports Bra which does have a hefty price tag, but from personal experience I can vouch it is more than worth it.
3. Swell РThese water bottles are great. The are insulated for both cold or hot water and their main mission is to rid the planet of water bottles. How many of us are guilty of consuming too many water bottles? This company is sustainable as well as an all women owned company!
4. Notebook – I like to have a journal of some sort to keep track of my workouts. It helps me in the future if I don’t have time to make it to the gym or to remember when it is exactly that I worked out.
5. Lucy Studio Hatha Legging¬†¬†– These for me are by far the best pant I have come across in my lifetime. I was never a fan of Lucy before #1 because I was too busy spending all my money at LuLu but also because the athletic line seemed like it was for the older woman. A couple years ago I was at Stanford Shopping Center and made my way in just to browse. I tried on my first pair of Studio Hatha Leggings and from then it was history. I have really long skinny legs (not complaining) but most of the time pants don’t fit my waste and ankles proportionately. They are either too tight on the hips or too loose on my ankles. This for me is the PERFECT fit pant. I wear them both to workout and to lounge.
These are just a few of my favorite items. Do you have any “swear by” items that I need to know about!?
xo Sarah

Winter Wear

Winter Wear


Happy Wednesday! It’s the holiday season which means online and in store shopping is in full force. I am the worst when it comes to Christmas shopping and usually wait until last minute. You would think I would get better at this, but no. Time is money and well, finding the time is the hardest part. In the meantime of trying to shop for everyone, these are a few of my favorite items on repeat for the last 3 weeks. It’s winter and for once in the bay area it’s been freezing -ish so it’s time to bundle up! I have been obsessed with sweater vests and actually found a cute grey one at ¬†Lou and Grey last week. This one¬†is similar except sleevless. Annnnnnd it was on sale for $40! Score! I am all about the infinity scarfs, stripes and booties as well. What’s not to love, they are both cute and stylish. That Swell bottle pictured above is also a great¬†addition to your everyday water intake. Think: Less plastic and more hydration.¬†Good luck with your Christmas finds!!

Current Vibes

Current Vibes
I am a basic chick. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to get dressed up and feel amazing but more often than not you will catch me in a casual go to t-shirt and jeans! Typically¬†Rag & Bones to be exact. ¬†I just broke down and ¬†ordered some Birkenstocks this last month. Took a little bit of debate, but what the heck at least we know they will come back in style in about twenty years! What’s your style like? Casual, dressy, prints? My favorite is plain and stripes, but I am working on mixing it up a bit! Happy Thursday ya’ll!

Healthy Workplace.

Newtritionsavvy Snack
Happy Tuesday! I have recently started a new job which requires a little bit of effort in the staying healthy department. Alarm clock goes off at 5:45 AM, roll out of bed about 6:15 shower, get ready and before you know it it’s already 7:15AM! I don’t know about you but there is barely any time in the morning to get ready muchless prep my snacks and lunch for the day. You know what this means?? I¬† have to plan ahead!! I know, I know this freaks some people out, but if you’re not going to meal plan you at least have to pack some snacks that will make it less of a temptation to dig into the usual suspect treats at work. Water, fruit, fresh Suja juice and a good magazine for my downtime are how I can power through the work day. If you are able to take a walk/run during your lunch hour, I highly recommend it. It’s easy for some¬† to become sedentary when you are sitting behind a desk or stuck in meetings all day. My solution to you is that you MUST make time. 20 min, 30 min, and hour, whatever you can get in for exercise is better than nothing!
I also look for creative inspiration on instagram. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are:

Follow them on Insta!

@WEWORK : they are a coworking company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love. As we grow throughout the world, creative and healthy work spaces .
@wholefoodsmarket: My favorite grocery store providing sustainable & organic food.
@Suja: I love their juices. Usually I make my own, but if I am in a rush I usually pick this one up as my go to!
@classpass: It’s always inspiring for me to see people working out and being motivated. I think that the more we surround ourselves with like minded people the better we will be. Classpass is great- I highly recommend this as a monthly gym pass.

Athleta + Gap Fit Nail it!

Gap Fit Nails it!
Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce to you GAP FIT. I know, I know it’s not new to the rest of the world but it’s new to me. I am an avid GAP shopper when it comes to my everyday wear because most of the time the pieces they make will last years. When it comes to workout gear on the other hand, I am not one to branch out and try new brands. The problem with my body is that my legs are skinny, my boobs are big and my waste fits somewhere in between – so when it comes to shopping for athletic wear it’s either too big or barely fits in some areas. Not only is this discouraging but it has prevented me from really giving other brands ¬†a try. Needless to say, I stumbled upon Gap Fit over Christmas while shopping for family and decided I would give it a try. The material they use is similar to that of Lululemon which I am familiar with. I bought a few shirts like the one on the top right (pictured above) and decided to give the crops a try as well. What do you know, they were both great! The prices are reasonable and you are walking away with a great product. Thank you Gap for nailing it once again.
If buying new clothes will get you to the gym then you better get shopping! It’s the second week in January….how are you doing with your healthy makeover?

Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites
Happy Wednesday friends! I am killing time in between getting a new passport that my little fur babe chewed up. ¬†I have an upcoming trip to Mexico and won’t be traveling far without it! In the meantime, here are some of my winter favorites. I love nothing more than bundling up with infinity scarves, boots and a cute sweater. I am usually more casual than I am dressed up so winter is a perfect excuse to still dress cute and but be comfortable at the same time. What are some of your favorite winter must have items???

Madewell vest

Object Collectors Item grey blazer

J Brand jeans

J Brand jeans

Nine West slip on shoes

Yeswalker short boots

Black purse

H M brown purse

Loop scarf

H M infinity scarf

What’s in my makeup bag?

I know so far my posts have been all things nutrition, but I will definitely be doing a versatile approach to healthy living. ¬†This is ¬†including some of ¬†my favorite healthy items, food recipes, fashion finds and pretty much all the things that make me smile….Here go’s!

What's in my makeup bag?

Christian Dior round sunglasses

NARS Cosmetics blush

MAC Cosmetics foundation

MAC Cosmetics makeup brush

Christian Dior waterproof cosmetic

Christian Dior pencil eyeliner

MAC Cosmetics face care

Opi nail lacquer

Say hello to my must have’s when it comes to makeup. I don’t like the “overload makeup look”- so here are some of my basics that I can’t live without. I think no matter what makeup you choose to wear, ¬†good mascara is a necessity. My previous roomate introduced me to Dior a couple years ago and there is no turning back! Black Out is my¬†favorite. I know some people shy away from MAC because it’s heavy and can clog pores, but it’s what I use. I’m loving the fun pop of color nail polish from OPI and the MAC finishing spray is perfect to set everything before you leave the house!

Ladies…What are some of your favorites you can’t live without?

My Favorite Workout Essentials

Worko out Goto's

GAP racerback tank top

Old Navy vintage tee

Hard Tail swim pants


Old Navy sports bra

Wunder Under Crop


Nike shoes

Nike shoes

GAP hobo handbag

Old Navy plastic sunglasses

E.C.O. Yoga Mat
Here are some of my favorite go to work out items! There is nothing better than feeling good in the clothes you wear while working out. I am obsessed with everything lululemon (but who isn’t these days). The pants fit perfectly, the sports bra is amazing and I love the shorts because they fit my hips and skinny legs just right! I know these can break the pocket book- but if you have money to invest, and are going to put to good use I highly recommend you purchase! There is no turning back! When I don’t feel like spending a lot I head to Old Navy, Gap, and Target for great deals! They are just as good for half the price!
I just purchased the grey and baby blue Nike Free shoes, and let me tell you they are beyond comfortable!
Do you have any favorite workout Go-To’s?