Happpy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

The question arises as to why we celebrate Earth Day? It’s because we seem to have forgotten what a beautiful gift we have been given in the form of planet Earth. We also seem to have forgotten that this is our home and we need to keep it in order to stay healthy and alive.

Over the centuries we have mercilessly utilized and depleted the Earth’s resources. Our sheer ignorance has begun to cause severe problems like depletion of the Ozone layer, death of rivers due to dumping of industrial waste, global warming etc. In our quest for industrialization heavy amount of deforestation took place. This has harmed the Earth’s environment. The ice at the Poles has started to melt due to the rise in Earth’s temperature. This is an ominous sign of what is to come. We have dug quite a huge pit for ourselves already, but we can still get out of it. So, days like the Earth Day remind us to be caring and loving to the Earth.

We must realize the danger and start taking small steps like planting trees, limiting the use of vehicles thereby reducing pollution, switching off lights when unnecessary and also conserving petrol. These might be small steps but when a billion people do it together, one can definitely see the results. While people can start ushering in changes with small steps, the governments and politicians will have to take giant leaps to save the mankind. Stringent laws and rules have to be made, to make people realize the importance of protecting the nature. Every nation, developed or not, has to cut down on carbon emissions to reduce the effects of global warming. If not contained, global warming will make the ice-caps at the Poles to melt and raise sea levels. It can be so devastating that it will wipe us out. We can’t be consumed by petty differences anymore. It is our fight to save the mankind from annihilation.

But if we decide to do nothing and let things be as they are, it could just be worse. Earth might just decide to take revenge. The wrath of the planet would be even more furious. Many times we have seen it happen right in front of our eyes. What else are cyclones, flash floods, sudden fires in forests of Australia, tsunamis, earthquakes? Yes, they are revenge of the Earth. And a small revenge by Earth takes a huge toll on mankind. A major climatic shift happens only when we play around with our environment.

The natural resources are depleting fast. It is acceptable that we need petrol, but that is something the Earth is not refusing. It only wants us to use it judiciously. We, human beings, are so caught up in our day-to-day life that we don’t have time to stand and think about the planet we live on. Don’t worry, the feeling could be mutual and dangerous for us. The Earth will find some way to survive, with us if we love and respect it, or without us. So, it’s we who stand to lose.

So on this Earth Day, let us pledge to do take whatever little we can to do to help the planet. Perhaps we can avoid using our car on this day and save petrol and free the atmosphere of some pollution. May be we could recycle the papers and stop using plastic bags. It could be anything, but it will definitely go a long way in saving the mankind. Countries, on the Earth Day, should pledge to reduce the carbon footprints.

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Rock On Organic!

This is my favorite event of the week. I have many favorites but cooking probably tops them all. I was at the Campbell Farmers Market this weekend and it was D-E-A-D! A little strange considering the weather was sunny and beautiful and usually that attracts people to get out and do something. Never the less- I would like to encourage you to buy your produce from the local farmers market. Often times the later you go the better prices you can score because they want to get rid of their products. Sometimes it will be $1 per lb. (Major Score). There are also many CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) you can join. Find one here.

Buying local refers to where the good was grown and produced. Back in the day when our grandparents were growing up- local farms was the only option. As we build global awareness of the problems factory farms pose to our generation, we’re seeing a return of sustainable, local farmers who believe in the way business used to get done. They also tend to practice more sustainable methods, such as protecting our air, water, and soil quality; and recycling and composting their waste. Small farms have been shown to invest more money back into their local communities.

There are many farmes markets throughout the week. Not only will you reep the benefits of great food, it might inspire you to try something in season that you don’t usually cook with. What’s better than knowing EXACTLY where your food comes from.

Organic goods are like music to nature’s ears. They are biodegradable, and come straight from the ground without shipping harmful polutants off into our atmosphere and water supply. Rock on, organic. Rock on!

Monsanto Wins Again


All jokes aside- it’s amazing how so many of my educated friends harrass and degrade people for their political beliefs! Not all Republicans are gay bashing billionaires, and not all Democrats are abortion loving minorities that live off of the “system”. Can we just be thankful we live in a country that allows us all to have different views without harsh consequences? Whether your candidate won or not- it’s time to move forward and work towards being a better country for everyone.  Civil rights, equal pay, allowing women to have control of our bodies, and healthcare; these are all important issues that need attention. There is always room for improvement and now is the time to figure it out.

Prop 37 didn’t pass, and frankly it’s not a surprise! Monsanto and other corporations spent over $45 million to make sure labeling would not be enforced. I keep hearing that people believe the proposition was deceitful? Do your research before you have such beliefs and make sure you read up on who is funding these “deceitful” campaign ads. These are the same people (Monsanto) that created Angent Orange in Vietnam and tested it safe. We know how well that worked out.   I wish for people to see the bigger picture in between the 4 years that these propositions don’t exist. Regardless if this prop was “written poorly” as some say, it is a step in the right direction. Clearly, we can’t rely on government influence to make this country any healthier- yet giving an opportunity for people of ALL demographics to have informed food labeling (because they aren’t allowed affordable healthy food choices) would allow at least some education towards better eating habits. I assure you- 90% of people who conssume the Standard American Diet have no idea what a GMO is! I encourage you to eat healthy for the sake of your future. It’s what you put into your body at a young age that will beneficial or be detrimental to your health in about 10, 20, 30 years. Don’t believe everything you hear/read because it’s not true. Things that are said to be “tested safe” often times come out years later that it was toxic and wasn’t in fact tested at all.  It’s your choice as to what type of  foods you consume, I hope for your health you make the right one.