Weekend Success

{Litte Pop of Color}

{Chateau St. Jean Winery}

{California Greenery=BLISS}

{First time playing Bocce}

{I could spend everyday of my life here!}

{Made it just in time for sunset}

{I've got the world at my fingertips}

We all need a little break once in a while, right? Couldn’t have asked for better weather, views and friends! A couple of friends were new to the United States, so it was amazing to be able to share in their first experience as well as be reminded of this beautiful place we live. Aside from the fact that my my memory card flipped out and decided to delete most of my pictures- I managed to capture a few! Rest and relaxation are ESSENTIAL for creating mind- body balance! I don’t think we take enough time to ourselves to just sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine! (I said glass, not bottle!). =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Take a breath…It’s Monday! ANOTHER WEEK TO MAKE IT RIGHT!

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. – Napoleon Hill


Sonoma Bound

{Sunset + Wine, Does it get any better?)

{viansa winery}

{Fun DIY project w/ Corks}

{SF Trolly}

This weekend I am headed to Wine Country in Sonoma as well as spending the rest of Saturday and Sunday in beautiful San Francisco.  This will be my first time offically wine tasting…I know, I know. I don’t know what took me so long! Some friends are coming from out of CA and from Europe so it will be nice to spend time and reunite! The weather will be warm and sunny which will allow for the maxi dresses and tans to begin!

*Remember to hydrate! Here are some signs you should look out for:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadednes

These can all occur just to lack of H2o!  Have a great weekend everyone. Smile….It’s Friday!