Becoming A Yogi.

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A Few Reasons to Practice Yoga.

  • It’s a great workout. I think sometimes people vision a “workout” as jumping around, burpees, running and forget that breathing and streching can be just as hard and equally just as much of a workout. I can speak for myself that I workout regularly 5 times a week, but the times that I do make it to a yoga class I can feel which side usually needs more attention and that it’s not always as easy at it looks! The best part about yoga is that you go at your own pace. There are modifications for every pose and you breathe through each postion to stretch further every time. When I notice my body getting stronger each time I practice is enough satisfaction to know I am not only making progress but getting a great workout.
  • Breathing. How many times have you been in a situaton where people say, “just take a deep breath?” It truly does wonders to your mind and body when you sit and take deep breaths to release anything that is going on in your body. This can be frustration, anger, sadness etc. So many times we hold things in and forget that what comes in MUST come out. Breathing can also be an aid to stress management.
  • Physical & Mental Strength. The whole point of yoga is so that you can learn to sit through postures/meditation  while breathing for long periods of time. While doing this you also gain plenty of phyiscal strength as a result. I talk alot about power of positive thinking and I am a firm believer that this rings true to everything. During the time spent medidating and stretching it forces your mind to let go of your daily stress and just focus on the now.
  • Medidation. This is the key to life! The older I get the more I realize taking time to think and apreciate and BREATHE is the direction to a happy mind. You don’t have to be under the moon, in a dark room or have a candle lit to medidate. All it takes is a couple minutes and a quiet space to allow no thoughts to enter your mind. It easy to reflect day in and day out on all of our crazy lives and all the events that distract us. Instead during the time of meditation you can embrace being calm and embracing where you’re at right now. Changing your way of thinking can change EVERYTHING.