Outside Lands – Day 1.

Outside Lands Festival Day 1. Freezing Weather, So many people, Passion Pit, Big Boi, Metallica all to keep us going. Despite the weather it was sooo much fun. I have been once before two years ago and this year was just as good. I love this festival because it’s a break from all the music we hear over, and over on the radio.The crowd was just as diverse as the music- and it is in Golden Gate Park. What’s not to love?? My favorites for day 1 were Big Boi (singing a few oldies but goodies) and Passion Pit.  I’m not a huge fan of metal music, but went to Metallica because it’s Metallica!!! The energy and excitement everyone had made me wish I liked Metal a littttle bit more! They topped off with Fireworks and called it a night. I’ll post some Day 2 pictures tomorrow. Hope your weekend was as good as mine…Happy Monday!


Not So Sugary Weekend!


Happy Monday! This weekend concluded my 21 day sugar detox, and let me tell you I was ready! To my surprise I wasn’t really into diving into bad food! I had a dessert on Friday night followed by some delicious sangria yesterday! I was so nervous I was going to get a headache from a sugar overload, that I opted to just stay mellow and consume only a few sugary things! Everyone has been asking me how I could possibly do 21 days no sugar, and how much weight I lost? Haha, I didn’t do it to lose weight, but more so as a challenge of discipline to see if I could actually go without something we are all addicted to. Like anything, it’s just a matter of making it routine and then you don’t really question it. I always live by the motto, “If you don’t buy it, you don’t eat it!” Especially true in this case! My refrigerator was full of veggies and healthy foods galore. I was cooking every day-  which we should try to do anyway. In the end, I am happy that my pallet is now cleansed, and the amount of sugar I consume will be much less than when I started! Yes, I did lose a couple pounds, but it’s not rocket science…If you don’t consume bad food (packaged, soda, sugary drinks, refined carbohydrates, candy etc.) and you exercise, you will maintain your ideal weight! The last 2 days were the hardest, but if I can go 21 days with out  Starbucks…..anything is possible! Good luck if you decide to try this!

On a lighter note, birthday celebrations were in order and a day of shopping as well! I love weekends full of lounging, shopping and relaxation! Back to the grind, Make it a great week everyone!

Z Gallerie Obsession

Z Gallerie might just be my new favorite store! I visit from time to time, but since I will be moving into an apartment in the next month or so it is time to start shopping for home goods! Every corner I turned there was something I liked….this is what we call DANGEROUS! The colors, the style and overall look of pretty much everything had me turning my head in all directions! Can’t wait to go back and purchase some pieces!


{FNS Bright and Early!}

{Morning coffee + a little piece of mind}

{Typical trip to Whole Foods}

{New Flavor and I LOVED it}

{This led to a not so nice burn}

How was everyones weekend!? Mine was extremely relaxing and just what I needed! Last week I completed 4 days of FNS, which I can happily say it is getting better! I am still sore, but not the sore that takes 3 days to recover…The key to success is never give up, right? Saturday I spent the afternoon at Boogie on the Bayou- which needless to say, I was done after 2 beers! This is either a product of my age or not drinking! haha..clearly, I am getting old!

Sunday was a trip to Whole Foods (My favorite place) to pick up some snacks for a Sunday Girls Day of Laying out and catching up!! You won’t find any doritos or cheese dip anywhere near that cart, but you will find fruit, nuts, coconut based ice cream (vegan/gluten free), veggies, and my new favorite Kombucha/Probiotic Flavor “Strawberry Acai Coconut.” Try if you like these kind of drinks…it’s delish!  I can tell you the trick of the trade, if you don’t buy it- you WON’T eat it! It’s amazing how much better you will eat if you follow this mantra! Weekends are made for fun and splurging once in a while- but also feeling good after you play!

Replace your junk food habits with the following:

Carrots/Dip (Try to stay away from cream based)


No salt chips/Salsa

Fruit (Pineapple, Watermelon, Grapes, Berries)

WATER! (we sometimes forget if alcohol is involved)

Here is to an AMAZING week of postive thinking and success!

Sonoma Bound

{Sunset + Wine, Does it get any better?)

{viansa winery}

{Fun DIY project w/ Corks}

{SF Trolly}

This weekend I am headed to Wine Country in Sonoma as well as spending the rest of Saturday and Sunday in beautiful San Francisco.  This will be my first time offically wine tasting…I know, I know. I don’t know what took me so long! Some friends are coming from out of CA and from Europe so it will be nice to spend time and reunite! The weather will be warm and sunny which will allow for the maxi dresses and tans to begin!

*Remember to hydrate! Here are some signs you should look out for:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadednes

These can all occur just to lack of H2o!  Have a great weekend everyone. Smile….It’s Friday!