My Life This Week.


It has been such a great second week of this new year. Sunday I met a girlfriend at Barefoot coffee and ended up sitting for 3 hours talking about life, goals and my upcoming half marathon that I have commited to run February 3 (she was kind enough to write up a training plan). Holy Cow is right….I can’t believe I am actually doing it. This has been something that has been on my radar for a while, but I sprained my ankle before the last one I signed up for so that was a no go. As of Tuesday my 4 week impromptu training has oficially begun. I bought some new shoes- any excuse to buy new workout clothes/shoes sounds like a good one to me. As we know this week I have been doing a juicing series that is hopefully encouraging people to make this habit a part of their weekly routine to staying healthy. Don’t even try to give me an excuse because the benefits outway the time 15 minutes it might take to juice and clean up. Let’s face it, you would probably on Facebook or some social network if you weren’t juicing (truth).

Yesterday I headed up to the city to meet an old classmate of mine for some coffee, and a hike up to Twin Peaks. Coinsidentally, along with the coffe there was a bowl full of fresh juice packed in mason jars on the counter. She said it was her friends company- SoW – they juice in the morning and then drop off at various locations throughout the city! Could this have been any more perfect?? I chose the beet juice which consisted of

  • Red beet
  • Carrot
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Turmeric

Once again, to my surprise….it was delicious! 

Juice and cofee were followed by a great hike (it was a great active rest day…those hills are no joke) that allowed for probably the BEST view of San Francisco. If you haven’t been there, it’s a must! Back to 6 miles today and a great workout at FNS! Hope you all have a great Thursday.

That which you focus your attention on becomes your reality so choose wisely!


Obsessed with all things lululemon.

{Breathe, Read, Think & DO}

{Best Sports Bra EVERRRR}

{Love the Length on this}

{Skinny and Long, Perfect for my Sticks!}

{My Next Purchase}

I am obsessed with all things lululemon! I remember the first time I went into the store and found a workout shirt that was long enough, pants that fit these skinny sticks (width and length) and the BEST, I mean BEST sports bra I have ever come across! I am all about spending money where it’s necessary, and when you workout every day you need clothes that are going to last! Not only are they worth it, they are cute and you feel good while wearing them! I realize for some it can be expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I freak out when I leave there with more than 4 things but I know in the end I am getting my use out of every item and my money is definitely getting it’s worth. If buying cute clothes is the start to working out, do it.  Once you start to move and feel good about yourself, nothing is better!! Trust me.

It’s Friday….Have a great day and weekend everyone!

Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can’t fail until you quit.