Feel the Rythym.

Sarah Sunset

“Yoga is like music: the rythm of the the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” – B.K.S. Lyengar

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you a new chapter of my life. It seems like we are constantly growing, moving forward in life (most of us) with the next best adventure or even the next challenge we could never imagine would arise.Let’s face it, time passes by whether we go with the flow or try to resist. I have learned a lot about myself in 2016. I made the decision (for myself) in the beginning of the year that I was going to simply COMMIT. There were some goals I set and I was not going to give up when things don’t “go my way.”  Does this sound familiar? It’s so easy to set a goal and then when you don’t see results talk yourself down and eventually just give up. Well…not this year, this is not the case. I dialed into my workouts and promised myself I would find a new job. I was going to work everyday not loving it, not loving the people or the energy the brought into my life. Little did I know this was draining my personal life and limiting my expectation for myself. You always hear the saying, “Surround yourself with greatness and you will be great.”….Well, in this case it was the total opposite! The majority of my day was spent with people who also hated their jobs, and weren’t satisfied with their life- so I literally woke up one day, and I made a choice to change it. I spent a few months searching for a new career (waaaay harder than I thought), going on a couple interviews only to be rejected but low and behold a great opportunity came up. Literally, overnight. Phone interview Thursday, in person Friday, Offer on Monday. I thought to myself, “Is this real?!” haha, yes it was REAL! I am naturally a busy person, but I can’t tell you how much a change of everyday environment has not only made me feel lighter in regards to stress, less emotionally drained and just happier to go to work everyday. How is this possible that I lasted so long in this negative situation. If this is you, wake up! There is better out there.

The moral of the story: Believe in yourself. Talk yourself up instead of down and really create a vision for what it is exactly that you want. If you want a new career, decide what it is that you want and what it is that you’re willing to put forth in honor of obtaining this change. Use your resources and know that it is possible to have a job that doesn’t feel like work! Out with the old, in with the new. Life is too short to not wake up and be happy everyday!

Happy Friday!



Becoming A Yogi.

sarah yoga 2sarah yoga

A Few Reasons to Practice Yoga.

  • It’s a great workout. I think sometimes people vision a “workout” as jumping around, burpees, running and forget that breathing and streching can be just as hard and equally just as much of a workout. I can speak for myself that I workout regularly 5 times a week, but the times that I do make it to a yoga class I can feel which side usually needs more attention and that it’s not always as easy at it looks! The best part about yoga is that you go at your own pace. There are modifications for every pose and you breathe through each postion to stretch further every time. When I notice my body getting stronger each time I practice is enough satisfaction to know I am not only making progress but getting a great workout.
  • Breathing. How many times have you been in a situaton where people say, “just take a deep breath?” It truly does wonders to your mind and body when you sit and take deep breaths to release anything that is going on in your body. This can be frustration, anger, sadness etc. So many times we hold things in and forget that what comes in MUST come out. Breathing can also be an aid to stress management.
  • Physical & Mental Strength. The whole point of yoga is so that you can learn to sit through postures/meditation  while breathing for long periods of time. While doing this you also gain plenty of phyiscal strength as a result. I talk alot about power of positive thinking and I am a firm believer that this rings true to everything. During the time spent medidating and stretching it forces your mind to let go of your daily stress and just focus on the now.
  • Medidation. This is the key to life! The older I get the more I realize taking time to think and apreciate and BREATHE is the direction to a happy mind. You don’t have to be under the moon, in a dark room or have a candle lit to medidate. All it takes is a couple minutes and a quiet space to allow no thoughts to enter your mind. It easy to reflect day in and day out on all of our crazy lives and all the events that distract us. Instead during the time of meditation you can embrace being calm and embracing where you’re at right now. Changing your way of thinking can change EVERYTHING. 


Class Pass is All the R-A-G-E!




IMG_2535 IMG_2526

What is ClassPass?

(Directly from their website)

ClassPass is an alternative to a gym membership. With ClassPass, you get access to the best boutique fitness classes in your city. There are over 1,000 classes available to ClassPass members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more.

For $99 a month, ClassPass members get unlimited classes to use at studios in the ClassPass network. While a member can take as many classes per month as they’d like, they can only visit the same studio 3 times per month.

Why should you join?

This pass is amazing! I know most people don’t like to commit to one gym for 30 days straight. For some, variety is just what they need to get them motivated towards being a bit healthier. If this is your kind of workout I highly recommend ClassPass. Not only is there such a variety of classes like Crossfit, Yoga, Daily Method, Bar Method, Cycling but you are able to try each studio 3 times in a month! I know the regular gym can seem redundant or rather you are clueless about what you should do during your workout, this is a great alternative. Most classes that I drop in are about $22+ so you do the math. Have any of you already tried ClassPass? If yes, what are your thoughts?


Check out ClassPass.com for more details.

Lululemon Find.



Happy Friday! I stopped by Lululemon yesterday and was desperately in need of a new sports bra. Unless you have a problem area you won’t understand my excitement in finding this new gem. I usually am a fan of the tata-tamer bra but have lost some inches in the last year everywhere, it doesn’t quite fit the same way that it used too. The size I had was too big and the size down was just a bit too small. I branched out and found this one (pictured above). It’s tight enough and is a simply pull over bra. I recommend for those in need of a new sports bra!

Hot Pilates


I finally had a chance to check out Hot Pilates at Yoga Source in Los Gatos. I have many friends that have done the class and always suggest that I try it, but I never made it a priority to try until Monday. Thanks to a friend who gave me a free class I was able to finally see what Hot Pilates is all about. I will admit that since starting FNS last May, my yoga practice has taken a bit of a back seat. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s equally as important to decompress and stretch your body out as it is to do high intensity conditioning and weight training. Clearly, I need to get better a balancing both. The Pilates class was great- the music helps get through the poses because by the end of them your legs are shaking! Haha I should have thought this through as I am training for the half marathon next Sunday. It’s a mix between bridges, jump squats, lunges, abs, child’s pose and downward dog with Bikram style heat. Just when you think you want to stop it’s onto the next pose….and then it was over. Now, knowing what to expect I can’t wait to try it again. The class itself is no joke so if you’re a beginner I would probably choose another workout to enjoy.

Obsessed with all things lululemon.

{Breathe, Read, Think & DO}

{Best Sports Bra EVERRRR}

{Love the Length on this}

{Skinny and Long, Perfect for my Sticks!}

{My Next Purchase}

I am obsessed with all things lululemon! I remember the first time I went into the store and found a workout shirt that was long enough, pants that fit these skinny sticks (width and length) and the BEST, I mean BEST sports bra I have ever come across! I am all about spending money where it’s necessary, and when you workout every day you need clothes that are going to last! Not only are they worth it, they are cute and you feel good while wearing them! I realize for some it can be expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I freak out when I leave there with more than 4 things but I know in the end I am getting my use out of every item and my money is definitely getting it’s worth. If buying cute clothes is the start to working out, do it.  Once you start to move and feel good about yourself, nothing is better!! Trust me.

It’s Friday….Have a great day and weekend everyone!

Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can’t fail until you quit.

5 Ways to Be Better

{If you learn this, anything is possible}

{Drink at least half your body weight in oz.}

{Cut out or limit these Dangerous addictions}

{Are you addicted to sugar?}

{It’s called choice}

{This is a PROMISE!}

I can’t tell you how many times people approach me and ask, what are some things I can do to either lose weight or simply to be a little bit healthier. This makes me beyond ecstatic! Clearly, this might be harder for some than others depending if you are willing to give up the addictions we all have been led to believe are normal; sugar intake, meat and dairy overload, lack of exercise (or moving for that matter) and of course the cost of food….the cheaper the better, right? WRONG.

1. Consistency and Discipline are key. If you want to see any sort of results, stick with it. You don’t see weight loss over night. Just as long as it took you to put it on, it might take to shed.

2. Hydration: Most people mistake hunger for dehydration. (Ex: 140 lbs, drink 1/2 body weight = 70 oz. H2O)

3. Refined Carbohydrates: It’s true, these do nothing beneficial for your diet. If you see processed (anything packaged- white bread, white flour, white rice, crackers, muffins) stay away! These are bad carbs. We can reap the health benefits of good carbs by choosing carbohydrates full of fiber. These carbs that get absorbed slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. Examples: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.

4. Sugar: If you are eating the Standard American Diet (which most are) you are eating added sugar. Things like juice, soda, alcohol, gatorade, frozen foods, white breads, packaged foods, candy, ice cream and frozen dinners all contain added sugar that don’t need to be put on the label. YES, you read that right. I am not saying eliminate sugar all together, but just take a look the next time you are preparing for you next meal. You will be surprised.

5. Working Out: There is no getting around it. You have to MOVE if you want to maintain weight loss. If you are not a fan of the gym, pick your favorite activity such as basketball, walking, hiking, pilates, yoga or tennis and get moving! Don’t make working out a chore, but rather a blessing. The better you feel, the more you will want to work out.

Try one of these or all 5 and see if you find a difference. There is nothing wrong with a little change, and trust me your body will thank you later.

*If you want to see change, you have to make a change! Good Luck!

First time: Aerial Yoga

{The Yoga Studio…So Peaceful in Here}

{I Am a Monkey!}

{Much harder than it looks!}

So happy to have finally tried Aerial Yoga! Let’s just say it’s much harder than it looks. I was thankful the class started with some breathing exercises to get the body relaxed and ready for suspension. Since it was my first time, I was probably more scared than most-mainly that I would fall out and hit the ground head first! Luckily this didn’t happen! Coming from FNS all week, I was a bit sore. This was perfect because it literally streches your ENTIRE body out. You know the feeling of being sore and thinking, “Ohhhh, that’s what that muscle is for?” Sort of what I am feeling this week. The teacher was great, helped us newbies out and said it would get better each time you go. The rope was a little awkward feeling around my hips at first, but she said this was normal. The poses inside the hammock allow you to relax and literally let go of everything. The only thing that was a bit scary (aside from thinking I was going to fall) was the head rush feeling of being upside down for so long….Controlling the breath helped with this unpleasant feeling! My favorite part was the last 5 minutes of breathing completely inside the hammock, like a cacoon. To be able to let go, breath and dive deep into peaceful thoughts is absolutely refreshing. Overall, it was great and a nice finish to my week! I purchased the new student 5 classes for $50 and will be back next week! Who wants to join me?

 “Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” ~ Max Strom

My Favorite Workout Essentials

Worko out Goto's

GAP racerback tank top
$30 – gap.com

Old Navy vintage tee
$6.99 – oldnavy.gap.com

Hard Tail swim pants
$65 – nordstrom.com

$20 – gap.com

Old Navy sports bra
$17 – oldnavy.gap.com

Wunder Under Crop


Nike shoes
$100 – macys.com

Nike shoes
$68 – bloomingdales.com

GAP hobo handbag
$40 – gap.com

Old Navy plastic sunglasses
$9.94 – oldnavy.gap.com

E.C.O. Yoga Mat
$48 – prana.com
Here are some of my favorite go to work out items! There is nothing better than feeling good in the clothes you wear while working out. I am obsessed with everything lululemon (but who isn’t these days). The pants fit perfectly, the sports bra is amazing and I love the shorts because they fit my hips and skinny legs just right! I know these can break the pocket book- but if you have money to invest, and are going to put to good use I highly recommend you purchase! There is no turning back! When I don’t feel like spending a lot I head to Old Navy, Gap, and Target for great deals! They are just as good for half the price!
I just purchased the grey and baby blue Nike Free shoes, and let me tell you they are beyond comfortable!
Do you have any favorite workout Go-To’s?


My 30 Day Challenge…What’s yours?

Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me introduce to you FNS!

“The FNS Training Center was designed to meet needs and goals of our members, whether it is training for competition, losing weight, increasing athletic performance or living a healthier lifestyle, our programs provide a successful roadmap to reach an optimal state of well being in mind and body.

All FNS Training programs work together synergistically to provide a holistic system in which the body and mind are trained to react in all situations.”


{Fitness NEVER sleeps!}

{“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”
-Dale Carnegie}

I was introduced last month when I had put a post on my FB asking friends about new workout places they reccomended. I was in need of  a workout change. Although I love working out and being active (running, yoga, gym) I would hardly consider myself competitive when it comes to this aspect of my life! I get nervous and then forget that you actually have to push through what scares you in order to see results or even be a better person! After multiple people suggested FNS, I gave it a try!

Let’s just say it was the hardest workout of my life! I would rather have ran a marathon then feel the pain I felt the day after the first workout! haha. No, but really.  This was a clear indication that I needed to step it up…Just because you run, or do yoga does not mean by any means that you are “in shape.” Having a variation of these + endurance means that you are in shape! There is a free trial the first week- which due to soreness I only made it to 3! Enough to get me back.

Today begins the best 30 days to date! I have started my blog about healthy living, and adding great eating habits for all of you. Now it’s time to challenge myself! You can’t ask of others what you wouldn’t do yourself, right?

What’s your 30 day challenge?