Don’t Just Read About it…Be About it!


Looking for a new book to curl up and read during your time off this next week? Here are a few of my go-to’s when it comes to anything health/diet related. Dr. Gillian McKeith is a well known nutritionist and the author of You are What You Eat/YAWYE Cookbook. She gives simple advice, provides a jump start plan and allows you to see results with just a few simple changes. She provides answers to the common problems many people have: IBS, eczema, athsma, bloating, inflammation, menopause, stress, sugar addiction, overweight, wheat allergy etc. If you think it’s easier to suffer from these than to change- you are wrong! Look no further….it’s time to get healthy! The book Crazy Sexy Diet is about Kriss Carr and her battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE) at age 31. With this kind of wake up call she chose to clean up her diet and make some changes such as juicing, and feeding her body with only real foods which in turn leads to proper nutrition. She is now living and thriving with stage 4 cancer. This is living proof that if you change your lifestyle amazing results can occur. You can find out more about this type of cancer here as well as more about Kris Carr here.

I provided the links to these books on Amazon below. There are many more books that I can’t wait to post about, after all knowledge and sharing is the first step to getting healthier. Actually, I take that back. Wanting to be healthier is the first step! I would like to emphasize that I don’t believe in any sort of diet or trend. If they worked, people wouldn’t have to try the next best thing after losing and gaining twice the weight back. Living your life and what works for you is what will get you healthy. If you don’t see changes, you need to change it up. Simple as that. Let me know if I can help in any way. Happy Reading!

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat Cookbook

The China Study

The Sprouted Kitchen

Crazy Sexy Diet


How Healthy Are You?


Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

  1. Do you eat at least one piece of raw fruit each day? yes
  2. Do you eat at least five servings of vegetables each day? yes
  3. Do you eat rice, quinoa, millet, oats or other grains at least three times a week? yes
  4. Do you eat a serving of raw vegetables each day? no
  5. Do you eat raw seeds at least three times a week? no
  6. Do you use seaweed in your cooking? no
  7. Do you include fish in your diet at least twice a week? no
  8. Do you chew your food thoroughly until it’s liquefied? yes
  9. Do you go out of your way to avoid foods containing preservatives, additives, colorings or E numbers? YES
  10. Do you avoid foods that contain sugar or added sugar? yes
  11. If you are stressed do you wait until the feeling has passed before eating? no
  12. Were you breast-fed as a child? yes
  13. Do you always make sure that you take time to eat properly, even if you feel tired or busy? try to
  14. Do you eat breakfast every day? no- working on this
  15. Do you drink bottled spring water every day? yes
  16. Do you drink at least eight glasses of filtered, spring or mineral water every day? yes
  17. Do you avoid beer/alcohol/soda when eating? yes
  18. Do you drink water approximately 25 minutes before eating your main meals, instead of drinking water with meals? no
  19. Do you eat a varied diet instead of eating the same foods every day? working on this
  20. Do you make raw vegetable juices at least once a week? yes

Add up the number of Yes answers.

17-20: Excellent- Top of the Class
12-16 Not Bad- Could Try Harder
11 or Less: You’re Flunking Out!

How healthy are you?

{If you don’t have this book yet, I recommend you purchase}