Not So Sugary Weekend!


Happy Monday! This weekend concluded my 21 day sugar detox, and let me tell you I was ready! To my surprise I wasn’t really into diving into bad food! I had a dessert on Friday night followed by some delicious sangria yesterday! I was so nervous I was going to get a headache from a sugar overload, that I opted to just stay mellow and consume only a few sugary things! Everyone has been asking me how I could possibly do 21 days no sugar, and how much weight I lost? Haha, I didn’t do it to lose weight, but more so as a challenge of discipline to see if I could actually go without something we are all addicted to. Like anything, it’s just a matter of making it routine and then you don’t really question it. I always live by the motto, “If you don’t buy it, you don’t eat it!” Especially true in this case! My refrigerator was full of veggies and healthy foods galore. I was cooking every day-  which we should try to do anyway. In the end, I am happy that my pallet is now cleansed, and the amount of sugar I consume will be much less than when I started! Yes, I did lose a couple pounds, but it’s not rocket science…If you don’t consume bad food (packaged, soda, sugary drinks, refined carbohydrates, candy etc.) and you exercise, you will maintain your ideal weight! The last 2 days were the hardest, but if I can go 21 days with out  Starbucks…..anything is possible! Good luck if you decide to try this!

On a lighter note, birthday celebrations were in order and a day of shopping as well! I love weekends full of lounging, shopping and relaxation! Back to the grind, Make it a great week everyone!


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