Summa Summa Summatime!

{O-M-G She is 16!}
{Sister, Sister}
{Aloha Girl}
{It’s a Veggie Party}
{A little FNS volleyball action}
{Posing with future FNS-ers}

{New York Bound}

Happy Monday!  It was a jam packed weekend full of birthdays and BBQ’s! Saturday my niece turned 16! It’s time like these when you say, where did the time go??! The party was Hawaiian theme so the leis, BBQ, and family were in full force. Sunday was the first of many (I’m sure) FNS BBQ’s! It was so nice to see everyone out and about, in real life, not just when we are up at the crack of dawn at 6 AM getting our workout on. Great food, paddle boarding, volleyball and some good conversation kept us all entertained. There’s nothing like being surrounded by postive people, who are like minded and share in a common goal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Glad to be apart of this group of people. I can’t wait until the next one! Last but not least, I booked an upcoming trip to NY at the end of  September! Can we say exciiiiiiiiited!!!!!! Woohoo! A great way to start the week….hard to top this off! 🙂

Whether you think you can, or can’t…..YOU ARE RIGHT!


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