On the Move.

It’s Friday! I am on the move this weekend. Aside from the physical moving part (I don’t think I am the only one who dreads this) I am beyond excited for a new chapter and place to call home. It’s always bittersweet leaving a great situation, but knowing that in order to grow you have to move forward and change things up a bit. I have been blessed for the last year to live with my family and spend some quality time day in and out – this almost makes me shed a tear while writing! My nieces have become my little sisters and my own sister has become a stronger best friend than ever before. It has been a great last year. As for the move- I am in love with all things grey…duvet, carpet, paint etc.  I have been searching around for cute goodies for the house….West Elm seems to be the winner for color scheme as well as affordable and cutest home goods. Once all is said and done, I can’t wait to get to decorating as well as creating a vision board for the next 6 months worth of goals. Nothing beats checking things off the list!

What’s on your vision board??

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to visible.

-Tony Robbins


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