What’s Your Healthy Darrin Domingo?

{Darrin Domingo}

{What Drives you to be Healthy?}

Both of my parents have had cancer.  My mom’s father died of emphysema and my dad’s dad died from cancer.  I always told myself that if i get cancer, or have a heart attack…it will NOT be my fault.  I know the secret to living a healthy life; eat healthy the majority of the time and work out consistently hard.  Aren’t I a genius?? Not really.  I’m just not lazy like others choose to be and then they ask why they’re overweight or why they’re unhealthy.  What you put into your body is YOUR choice.  Whether or not you wake up and put in the effort everyday to exercise is YOUR choice. I personally choose to be healthy and then I get of my ass and do something about it.

4 Healthy Snacks:

{Sabra hummus w/ mini carrots}

*Protein and Fiber and it’s delicious.

{Organic Peanut Butter/ Wheat toast w/ Organic Wildflower Honey}

*Makes me feel like I’m cheating when I’m not.  It also reminds me of when I was a kid and would eat peanut butter every day.

{Hard Boiled Eggs}

*No nonsense protein. Always followed by some gum if im going to be engaging in conversation with other human beings.

{Zico chocolate Coconut Water}
*Zico chocolate Coconut Water +  Cytofuse Vanilla Protein Powder in a ‘blender bottle’ = ridiculously good.

Favorite Cheat Snacks…

{Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Or Pizza}

*Krispy Kream doughnuts or Pizza.  I’ll eat 6 donuts or 6 slices in a sitting without hesitation.  My cheat meals are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Wednesday because I’m halfway there and I’m human & Saturday because I kicked so much ass all week and worked out like an animal every day, sometimes twice a day, and dammit I deserve every last unhealthy, fattening calorie and I will not apologize for it or hide it.

Favorite Recipe…

{Spinach & Potato Frittata}
I make this pretty much every single weekend for breakfast or some variation of it.
Saute spinach in olive oil, then throw in potatoes.  Brown the potatoes in the pan.  Meanwhile preheat oven to 375 degrees F.  Whisk eggs in a separate bowl then pour into pan and spread out evenly.  Use salt and pepper to taste. Place entire pan into oven and bake until eggs are fluffy.

Thank you, Darrin!


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