Pumpkin Sugar Cookies…Happy Halloween!

{Pumpkin Shaped Sugar Cookie}

Happy Halloween! I have been on a baking spree the last 2 weeks, and these cookies are my latest creation. Made from scratch (frosting as well) pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. With the help of my sister, who is beyong crafty in all areas of craft- she showed me how this piece of art is done. We started by making the sugar cookies, baking and letting cool. Then we made the royal icing from scratch w/ meringue powder. We outlined the cookies, let them sit, and them filled them in all the way. Now I completely understand why a cookie at Whole Foods or any bakery for that matter is $4.95. The effort and the time it takes to make is worth every penny. Let’s clarify really quick- I would rather make anything I eat from scratch than buy from the store. After all, if you are going to go through the trouble of making it…you should be able to enjoy it! (Just not the whole batch.)

Hope you have fun trick-or-treating tonight. Did you make any fun cookies for the holiday?

*If you would like the recipe send me an e-mail @ newtritionsavvysarah (at) gmail (dot) com.


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