Who Says I Don’t Like Turkey?

I just signed up for the annual Turket Trot. Who else is running this race with me? This is probably the only turkey anything I will ever participate in and it’s for a great cause. The procedes of the race are donated to Second Harvest Food Bank, The Housing Trust of Santa Clara County, and the Children’s Health Initiative of Santa Clara County.  These charities provide families with their most basic needs for “health, hope, and a home.” The Silicon Valley Turkey Trot  is now in its 8th year and the total amount given to charity has exceeded $2.2 million. While we enjoy our families and Thanksgiving dinner- there are many people in need that can use our help. There are 9 days left to sign up….What are you waiting for? Just think….You can burn the calories before you eat the calories and give to someone in need! 


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