My kind of Football Sunday.

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Happy Monday! This weekend was pretty low key. I didn’t really do much besides get a great workout in on Saturday/Sunday morning  and of course enjoying football Sunday! What a game with the Broncos VS. Patriots. It’s even more exciting that we will be hosting Superbowl 50 in our very own backyard in just a few weeks. Although the Niners didn’t quite make it to the championship, it is still something to look forward to! I have given up drinking for the month of January which concludes week 3 of 52! Most of you will be either hosting or going to a Superbowl party or maybe even hitting up your local joint for the festivities. I know this is sometimes and excuse to splurge on not so healthy food- but if you want to keep it on the healthy side (while remembering your new year resolutions) I think I can help. This weekend I made a 7 layer bean dip as well as a garbanzo bean salad. Guess what? My friends LOVED it! There were also chicken wings and pizza but adding a little healthy snacks to the mix never hurt anyone.

7 layer Bean Dip:

  1. Mashed Black Beans
  2. Sour Cream
  3. Shredded Cheese ( I use jack/cheddar combo)
  4. Mashed Avocado (I made guac/lemon/salt/pepper/tomato)
  5. Black Olives
  6. Red Onion (Diced)
  7. Tomato (Diced)
  8. Jalapeno (Sliced/Optional)

This is a simple recipe. All the ingredients are listed in order starting from the bottom of the pan to the top layer. Beans are always first and remember to heat them before putting them in the pan. I used corn tortillas/cut them in 4 for the chips. I bake them on a cookie sheet for about 10 minutes (flipping half way in between). Cut them before, drizzle with olive oil and cook on 450 degrees. When you remove them from the oven you can dash some sea salt on for extra flavor.  Good Luck!





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