My 30 Day Challenge…What’s yours?

Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me introduce to you FNS!

“The FNS Training Center was designed to meet needs and goals of our members, whether it is training for competition, losing weight, increasing athletic performance or living a healthier lifestyle, our programs provide a successful roadmap to reach an optimal state of well being in mind and body.

All FNS Training programs work together synergistically to provide a holistic system in which the body and mind are trained to react in all situations.”

{Fitness NEVER sleeps!}
{“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”
-Dale Carnegie}

I was introduced last month when I had put a post on my FB asking friends about new workout places they reccomended. I was in need of  a workout change. Although I love working out and being active (running, yoga, gym) I would hardly consider myself competitive when it comes to this aspect of my life! I get nervous and then forget that you actually have to push through what scares you in order to see results or even be a better person! After multiple people suggested FNS, I gave it a try!

Let’s just say it was the hardest workout of my life! I would rather have ran a marathon then feel the pain I felt the day after the first workout! haha. No, but really.  This was a clear indication that I needed to step it up…Just because you run, or do yoga does not mean by any means that you are “in shape.” Having a variation of these + endurance means that you are in shape! There is a free trial the first week- which due to soreness I only made it to 3! Enough to get me back.

Today begins the best 30 days to date! I have started my blog about healthy living, and adding great eating habits for all of you. Now it’s time to challenge myself! You can’t ask of others what you wouldn’t do yourself, right?

What’s your 30 day challenge? 


2 responses to “My 30 Day Challenge…What’s yours?”

    • Thank you Champ! So excited and happy you introduced me to a great lifestyle program! There is nothing like positive support and being surrounded by people who live for the same health lifestyle! 🙂


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