{FNS Bright and Early!}
{Morning coffee + a little piece of mind}
{Typical trip to Whole Foods}
{New Flavor and I LOVED it}

{This led to a not so nice burn}

How was everyones weekend!? Mine was extremely relaxing and just what I needed! Last week I completed 4 days of FNS, which I can happily say it is getting better! I am still sore, but not the sore that takes 3 days to recover…The key to success is never give up, right? Saturday I spent the afternoon at Boogie on the Bayou- which needless to say, I was done after 2 beers! This is either a product of my age or not drinking! haha..clearly, I am getting old!

Sunday was a trip to Whole Foods (My favorite place) to pick up some snacks for a Sunday Girls Day of Laying out and catching up!! You won’t find any doritos or cheese dip anywhere near that cart, but you will find fruit, nuts, coconut based ice cream (vegan/gluten free), veggies, and my new favorite Kombucha/Probiotic Flavor “Strawberry Acai Coconut.” Try if you like these kind of drinks…it’s delish!  I can tell you the trick of the trade, if you don’t buy it- you WON’T eat it! It’s amazing how much better you will eat if you follow this mantra! Weekends are made for fun and splurging once in a while- but also feeling good after you play!

Replace your junk food habits with the following:

Carrots/Dip (Try to stay away from cream based)


No salt chips/Salsa

Fruit (Pineapple, Watermelon, Grapes, Berries)

WATER! (we sometimes forget if alcohol is involved)

Here is to an AMAZING week of postive thinking and success!


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