Friday, Get here now!

{Summer is here….YES!}
{Light easy snack- easy preparation}
{Nothing better than a healthy popsicle on a HOT day!}
{Refreshing and Low in Sugar Cocktail!}


{Remind myself of this EVERYDAY!}



If you are like me at all, you can’t wait for the official summer kick off this weekend! Why wait until Friday…nothing wrong with wishing right!? Although Memorial Day is usually filled with out of town adventures, lots of BBQ and Beer- I am going to try and stay away from at least the beer!! Working out, reading a book and laying out sound great, – minus the sun burn! Add that to healthy light snacks, and I should be able to maintain my beach body when Tuesday arrives! It’s easy to slip up when these fun weekends arrive, but stay strong! Work hard, play hard(just not too hard haha). If I can do it…Anyone can! I am convinced.

Motivation is what gets you going. Habit is what keeps you going.

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!


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