{Spirulina in it’s powder form}

{Whole Foods has the BEST smoothies!}

SPIRULINA! Pronounced (SPIR-OO-LINA!) is the superfood of the week! Superfood?  These are foods found in our enviornment that do amazing things to the human body. They are  powerful enough to help you lower your cholestorol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and, for an added bonus, put you in a better mood. (All with no side effects like the common over the counter medication!)

Spirulina is a microalgea that can be found in powder or tablet form. It is the only food that contains all 12 essential amino acids (Protien)  which means vegans/vegetarians- Here is your power food against all of those who worry about your consumption of  vitamin B12.  Spirulina has been tested with a variety of effects…including lowered cholestorol levels and blood pressure. I usually add to my smoothies when I make at home or buy @ whole foods after a workout because it helps aid in post excersise soreness.

The taste might be a little funky at first but give it a try!

The Whole Foods smoothie in the last picture includes:

The fruit balances out the right amount of sweetness! Go on…What are you waiting for!?

Applicable in 90% of cases: if a food/beverage is advertised on TV, you’re better off not placing it inside your shopping cart.


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