Crazy for Coconut

This is my new favorite Coconut Water. I know you have probably heard of coconut water…tried it and thought that is was absolutely horrible (Well, some of you)! The rest enjoy the hydration and energy coconut water has to offer! Not because it is the new thing, but because it is better for you than products full of sugar like gatorade or vitamin water(which I would never buy.)  This coconut water is literally like drinking right out of a coconut. I tried it last week for the first time, and there will be no turning back! The bottle is small, about $2.99 and can be found at Whole Foods, but I say it’s worth it! If the nutrition is there, sugar is natural and it provides beneficial electrolytes, what’s not to love! Give it a try before you give it a Go or No!

“If you think organic foods are expensive, have you priced cancer lately?”

—Joel Salatin, Farmer


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