Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was jam packed with much needed R & R. The mid week holiday sort of threw all of us off. I started my Saturday morning with a great hike/mini yoga photo session on the trail! Rewarded my workout with a day by the pool, sangria and some new friends. My girlfriend Rachel was nice enough to have some friends over for an impromptu BBQ! The menu consisted of mixed veggies, corn, brussels sprout warm salad (Pictured above) and some delicious salmon and halibut. Thanks to Whole Foods, the seasoning was spiced to perfection. Today I am starting a 21 day SUGAR DETOX! Yes, you read that right! This should be interesting. Back to the grind we go…Another week to make it right!

Brussels Sprout Salad

Saute brussel sprouts in pan w/ light olive oil. Heat should be high towards the end so the brussel sprouts can have a crisp look/ cook all the way through. Season w/ salt and pepper to taste. When brussel sprouts are done, toss in cranberry + walnuts, add cheese and cover with foil. The heat will allow all ingredients to mix and cheese to melt! If desired, you can also put in oven to bake cheese for a nice finish. This recipe is easy, light and delicious. Enjoy!


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