A New Month to THINK BIG!

{Highly recommend this book for goal setting}

Where will you be 5 years from today? The best day of your life is the day on which you decide life is your own. No one to lean on, rely on or blame. The gift of life is yours, it is an amazing journey, and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. Life is about the choices you make- choose wisely.

Start by choose the two most important “guiding stars”- your VALUES and your MISSION.

Your Values are personal choices you make about what’s important to you. This brings immense satisfaction and meaning to life. (Family, Friendship, Health, Wealth, Learning, Career, Community, Faith, Integrity, Adventure, Love etc.)

Your Mission is when you “dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become glorious romance and adventure.” – Mark Douglas

Write your personal Mission Statement: There is no specific format, but keep it clear, brief and exciting. Ask yourself, “What is my calling, my life’s aim? What inspires me the most? What activity or service is my core values urging me to pursue?


Some people spend all their lives on a boring little island called the “Someday Isle.” Someday, I’ll hike in Nepal. Someday I’ll have a great adventure.” Life is not a dress rehearsal. Life is HERE and it is NOW! Reach out and seize it, you deserve it!


List five things you’ve been procrastinating about and plan to take at least of bit of action on all 5 this week! Ready, Set, GO!

You will NEVER have more time than you do right now.


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