Birthdays Are Made For…

{Such A Cute Brewery}
{Let The Tasting Begin}

{In Between Snack and Onto The Next…Thanks Laura}
{Love These Girls}
{Birthday Girl}
{Who’s Counting}
{Pretty Sunset On Our Way To Dinner}
{Group Shot}

Friends! This weekend was a blast. Saturday I headed out to Santa Cruz for a good friends birthday for some beer tasting. This was my first time ever beer tasting, and it was so much fun. They predicted stormy like weather, but we lucked out with some amazing sunshine and not a single drop of rain. We went to two places to taste, and then ventured to 99 Bottles for dinner. The night ended with some cake, and an extremely intense game of charades. If there was a professional team, some of these girls would be on it (Sarah/Diana) haha. I love a weekend full of laughing, good weather, great friends and memorable moments. Happy Birthday Kelly, Hope you enjoyed your day! 🙂


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