Hot Pilates


I finally had a chance to check out Hot Pilates at Yoga Source in Los Gatos. I have many friends that have done the class and always suggest that I try it, but I never made it a priority to try until Monday. Thanks to a friend who gave me a free class I was able to finally see what Hot Pilates is all about. I will admit that since starting FNS last May, my yoga practice has taken a bit of a back seat. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s equally as important to decompress and stretch your body out as it is to do high intensity conditioning and weight training. Clearly, I need to get better a balancing both. The Pilates class was great- the music helps get through the poses because by the end of them your legs are shaking! Haha I should have thought this through as I am training for the half marathon next Sunday. It’s a mix between bridges, jump squats, lunges, abs, child’s pose and downward dog with Bikram style heat. Just when you think you want to stop it’s onto the next pose….and then it was over. Now, knowing what to expect I can’t wait to try it again. The class itself is no joke so if you’re a beginner I would probably choose another workout to enjoy.


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