Got juice?


I made such a yummy juice this morning. There was beets, kale, carrots, cucumber, ginger, grapefruit, lime and green apple. Who needs wine when you have juice? Ha, who am I kidding, I LOVE wine. Have you made any juice recipes that i should know about? It’s Friday which means a two day break AND the weather calls for sunshine?? Score! I don’t plan on doing much this weekend except hitting up the farmers market, getting a good workout in tomorrow and probably a little cooking/ baking for next weeks posts. Hope you all have a great weekend!


2 responses to “Got juice?”

  1. I made one that was a cucumber, apple, and blueberries. I really enjoyed it. Cucumber is a great base to juices. You get that beautiful green from the skin, a lot of water, and it tastes refreshing. I like the look of your “wine” juice.


    • Oh that sounds yummy!!! Cucumber is a great base…I love the refreshing taste! Changed things up and put the juice in a wine glass..haha. It was just as good. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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