Lululemon Find.



Happy Friday! I stopped by Lululemon yesterday and was desperately in need of a new sports bra. Unless you have a problem area you won’t understand my excitement in finding this new gem. I usually am a fan of the tata-tamer bra but have lost some inches in the last year everywhere, it doesn’t quite fit the same way that it used too. The size I had was too big and the size down was just a bit too small. I branched out and found this one (pictured above). It’s tight enough and is a simply pull over bra. I recommend for those in need of a new sports bra!


2 responses to “Lululemon Find.”

  1. I’ve only tried the tata tamer and love it. I recently lost a little and the hooks on my original one are starting to bend. I just bought a new tata tamer, but would love to have another option. Do your girls stay put with this one??


    • Edita-I used to be a fan but now it just doesn’t fit! I recently made the switch to the energy bra from lulu and it works just fine. There are no hooks, just a pull over. I was a skeptic at first because my boobs are big and I was worried there wouldn’t be enough support but as long as you get a snug enough size you’ll be good!


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