Life is All Good.


Good morning my friends! What a whirlwind of a couple weeks I have had. I recently moved out of my house that I was living in (such a blessing) to now be one step closer to the big apple. It seems like I have been dreaming for months now (since October-ish) that I was going to be living in New York City at some point this next year- I just wasn’t sure exactly when. Knowing you want to do something and then actually going through with it are two different scenarios. Knowing myself, lets just say I am a bit of a routine person. I like knowing my day, my workout, my job, and my basic agenda for the week. This doesn’t mean I don’t like being spontaneous because by all means I love adventure- but when the thought of actually picking up, leaving your “things” and moving across the country becomes reality it can be a little intimidating. Heck who am I kidding?? Extremely intimidating. It’s a little bittersweet when I think of leaving San Jose. I have worked at the same restaurant for four years now. Hard to believe, these people are like my family. I have so many regulars who are now friends and have been nothing but encouraging when it comes to the big move. Seeing the support from people who know me only from a server/customer perspective provides light at the end of the tunnel. My friends have also been super supportive reminding me that if it doesn’t workout I can always come back home. Everything always works out the way it’s supposed to, right? Most of the time if it’s not what we expect it is usually for the better. We meet the right people when the timing is right, and learn the lesson sometimes when the timing is wrong. I guess what I am getting at is that these next 2 months will be the most exciting as far as anticipation for the move. You’re never one hundred percent ready for anything- but that is the best part. Time to convince myself it will all be ok. I need let go of having control and see where life takes me! Life is all good my friends. Hope you are having a great week. =)


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