Quick + Easy Quinoa Salad.

IMG_0041 IMG_0043   IMG_0046   IMG_0047


What you’ll Need:

Usually I make this an all raw ingredient salad but this time I had to cook a few veggies. I sautéed the white onion, orange bell pepper, zucchini and jalapeño for a few minutes with salt/pepper/taco seasoning. (I only like cooked bell pepper and cooking the jalapeño can reduce the spice but still maintain the flavor).You can opt out of cooking  either if you would like. I cooked the quinoa the same as you would rice. For every 1 cup quinoa there is 2 cups water used. (You can also use chicken stock instead of water for more flavor). Once the quinoa is finished I combined the cooked veggies with my raw veggies.  Combine the cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans,  jicama, and avocado together  with the sautéed vegetables and flavor with olive oil,  salt/pepper and lemon (to taste). This salad is great for lunch or to bring to your next Pot Luck! Let me know how you like it!


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