Winter Wear

Winter Wear


Winter Wear by ssotelo12 featuring a thermal carafe
Happy Wednesday! It’s the holiday season which means online and in store shopping is in full force. I am the worst when it comes to Christmas shopping and usually wait until last minute. You would think I would get better at this, but no. Time is money and well, finding the time is the hardest part. In the meantime of trying to shop for everyone, these are a few of my favorite items on repeat for the last 3 weeks. It’s winter and for once in the bay area it’s been freezing -ish so it’s time to bundle up! I have been obsessed with sweater vests and actually found a cute grey one at  Lou and Grey last week. This one is similar except sleevless. Annnnnnd it was on sale for $40! Score! I am all about the infinity scarfs, stripes and booties as well. What’s not to love, they are both cute and stylish. That Swell bottle pictured above is also a great addition to your everyday water intake. Think: Less plastic and more hydration. Good luck with your Christmas finds!!

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