Today I Get Stronger.

Ladies and Gentleman- I am proud to report that this day goes down in the books! This week I finally achieved my very first plyo-pushup. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I #1 Hate pushups and #2 have never even tried this for the simple fact that I was going to fall flat on my face!! (No exaggeration here). I always work out, but there are times that you just workout and then there are times that you truly put all your energy and force into the workout and demand nothing short of the best. That means picking up the heavier weight when you’re tired and doing the extra sprints when all you want is to go home post class. Can any of you relate? This first month of 2016 has been exactly that. Practicing consistency and believing (mentally) that I can achieve MORE. This can be representative of many of us in our lives….really taking the chance to believe you can therefore you CAN! Nonetheless, I am proud of this moment and wanted to share with you all. The only time you run out of chances is when you stop trying….so guess what? TRY!!!


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