Snack Time

{Greek yogurt w/ granola and Agave (if desired)}
{Fruit and Granola Medley}
{Fruit Kabobs}
{Whole wheat bagel – no cream cheese!}
{Edamame w/ Sea Salt}
{Raw/Unsalted Almonds are best}
{Little to no salt is best}

I love incorporating new snacks. Pinterest has been my go-to for all things creative these days! I always hear that people, “just don’t have time to be healthy” but I am here to tell you….you’re wrong! With a little preparation anything is possible. Here are some yummy eats to include throughout the day! Try to pick the least processed and least salted items (if packaged). Be creative and have fun making new goodies apart of daily snack time!

All photos can be found on


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