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Weekend 10k & More

What is the best part about the weekend? For me, it is being able to work out/hang out with friends, enjoy the weather, and my ultimate favorite is the Farmers market! Next to Nordstrom, the FM and Whole Foods are my favorite places to be! There is no comparison when it comes to taste of the fruits and veggies and I love the access to only what is in SEASON. The vendors are friendly and most importantly local. If you don’t usually visit the Farmers Market, I hope you reconsider and make this a weekly habit. It might make you excited to prepare your meals for the week!

Sunday was an early one! I ran a 10k (6.2 mile)  race. I was all good until mile 4 when my legs started to feel like I was carrying weights on them. They were sore from a prior workout earlier in the week, but never the less I still managed to finish in an hour! Until the next one!

P.S. Just watched the documentary #FoodFight earlier in the week and loved it! Happy to have access to farmers markets and #REALFOOD everyday!#educateamerica CHECK IT OUT!


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