Monsanto Wins Again


All jokes aside- it’s amazing how so many of my educated friends harrass and degrade people for their political beliefs! Not all Republicans are gay bashing billionaires, and not all Democrats are abortion loving minorities that live off of the “system”. Can we just be thankful we live in a country that allows us all to have different views without harsh consequences? Whether your candidate won or not- it’s time to move forward and work towards being a better country for everyone.  Civil rights, equal pay, allowing women to have control of our bodies, and healthcare; these are all important issues that need attention. There is always room for improvement and now is the time to figure it out.

Prop 37 didn’t pass, and frankly it’s not a surprise! Monsanto and other corporations spent over $45 million to make sure labeling would not be enforced. I keep hearing that people believe the proposition was deceitful? Do your research before you have such beliefs and make sure you read up on who is funding these “deceitful” campaign ads. These are the same people (Monsanto) that created Angent Orange in Vietnam and tested it safe. We know how well that worked out.   I wish for people to see the bigger picture in between the 4 years that these propositions don’t exist. Regardless if this prop was “written poorly” as some say, it is a step in the right direction. Clearly, we can’t rely on government influence to make this country any healthier- yet giving an opportunity for people of ALL demographics to have informed food labeling (because they aren’t allowed affordable healthy food choices) would allow at least some education towards better eating habits. I assure you- 90% of people who conssume the Standard American Diet have no idea what a GMO is! I encourage you to eat healthy for the sake of your future. It’s what you put into your body at a young age that will beneficial or be detrimental to your health in about 10, 20, 30 years. Don’t believe everything you hear/read because it’s not true. Things that are said to be “tested safe” often times come out years later that it was toxic and wasn’t in fact tested at all.  It’s your choice as to what type of  foods you consume, I hope for your health you make the right one.


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