Hello Spring.


Couldn’t have asked for better weather this week. Between the busy schedule that seems to occupy my time I was able to catch a couple UV rays, good workouts and a great girls dinner earlier this week. My favorite part about this time of year is that the weather is getting warmer, the flowers start blooming and people seem to overall be in better moods. (Minus the time change and having to get up for those early workouts) All is good in my world. I did some reflecting this week- we always hear about making better choices, or doing the right thing and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming…at least for me anyway. Sometimes I get fixated on one thing that someone said or made me feel instead of focusing all of my enerygy on what there is to be grateful for. Speaking of grateful, I am beyond thankful at the response for my blog newtritionsavvysarah. For the last couple of years I have always dreamed of reaching people in a realistic way so they would/will want to make changes. Whether it’s eating better, feeling better, changing your perspective or simply impacting someone else’s life because you are you. Thank you for constantly reaching out and reassuring me that you value my opinion and trust me enough to seek my help.  I think more often than not when we seek perfection in life when trying to be “healthy” in all aspects of our life and we miss the greater lesson to be learned along the journey. It’s exactly that- a journey. Progession happens over time not over night.  As we enter the weekend and week ahead, I am vowing to myself to keep only good people in my life and make some better choices. You choose who you allow to effect you and sometimes it’s just not worth it. Do your best, try a little harder and make someone feel special. Have a great weekend everyone!


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