Plan + Prep + Get Healthy.



Happy Monday folks! Hard to believe, yesterday was the first day of fall. I am trying to figure out where the last 9 months have gone (Thank God for social media so I can remember). With the arrival of fall the weather is changing, well, faster than I would like. Bring out the sweaters and boots but let’s not make this an excuse to stop hitting up the farmers markets, or exercising. It’s easy to sort of slack off when the seasons change. We become tired earlier, or maybe sometimes it’s just too cold out to exercise. Is it really?? Ha, I have used that excuse more than once.

I am writing today to encourage the planning and prepping behind healthy habits. When you buy your produce, wash it, cut it and prep. Juicing can be time consuming during the week but if you plan ahead it might alleviate some of the stress we put on our time restraints. Instead of Facebook stalking, check out some recipes you might like to try for the next week. Like anything, it will only seem like a lot of work if you wait until the last minute. I constantly get emails regarding “cleanses” and cleaning out the toxicity in our bodies. You know what I say to that? Eat better. It doesn’t take a cleanse to suddenly get healthy, it takes progress and healthy habits. Instead of the starbucks, drink water with lemon. Instead of the pastry try oatmeal. You get the point.

As we are headed toward a new month let’s try to focus on what we can do better rather than what we aren’t doing. We are all guilty. It’s Monday. Cheers to a new week. New goals, new outlook and a promise to ourselves to push our limits daily.


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