Weekend Glimpse.





What a great weekend. I hit up the farmers market yesterday with my niece per usual and to my luck scored with prices. I went a little later (12:30 ish) and got everything for $1 a pound! That is a deal if I ever heard of one. Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, carrots, plums and beets for under $10! I made an amazing Sunday dinner for some friends including halibut with fresh herbs, baked Brussels sprouts, and a fig recipe that I will share tomorrow. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a great week ahead!


Got juice?


I made such a yummy juice this morning. There was beets, kale, carrots, cucumber, ginger, grapefruit, lime and green apple. Who needs wine when you have juice? Ha, who am I kidding, I LOVE wine. Have you made any juice recipes that i should know about? It’s Friday which means a two day break AND the weather calls for sunshine?? Score! I don’t plan on doing much this weekend except hitting up the farmers market, getting a good workout in tomorrow and probably a little cooking/ baking for next weeks posts. Hope you all have a great weekend!



A little Friday inspiration.
Ever heard the saying, “it’s not really work if you love what you do?” something to keep in mind! Even if you don’t love it, do the best job possible and be thankful you’re getting paid!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Strawberry Santa’s…I Want!

healthy santa


Who can believe the it’s the Friday before Christmas and the world DIDN’T end!??? No way! We are all still alive, which means the holiday is right around the corner. I haven’t finished all of my Christmas shopping yet….that would be too smart! Have you guys figured out what you are making to eat on Christmas? I am in the process – will let you know Monday. I want to mention this week has been nothing short of F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! The energy as well as the team work  at the gym has been through the roof. The gym is closed this next week so everyone is committed to getting their last workouts of the year in at FNS. Work has been great, another example that when you are kind to people they reward you in return and last but not least Whole Foods tweeted me this week! Call me a nerd but I was quite excited to see they asked me what my favorite Whole Foods item is? I have to go with the make your own peanut butter and the WF brand jalapeno hummus. So good! On that note, good luck with the last minute tackling the malls, crowds and have a great weekend everyone!




Go Now and Live.

Go Now and Live.

I am embracing these words for some Friday inspiration. I feel like everything can seem to be going right and then all of a sudden something happens, or someone says something that might throw you off track. This can lead to questioning everything in your life: job, friends, purpose, relationships and everything in between. I know for myself writing down some key words that I am feeling when I am in contact with certain people can better help me understand whether they should be in my life- or if it’s time to move on. I read this quote the other day, “If you’re brave to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” It’s interesting how people can flow in an out of your life to teach you a little something. Sometimes you are rewarded with amazing friends who are unconditional and other times you gain everything that is needed from that person and move forward. Just know we all go through this from time to time! I am so ready for a new year and the new possibilities that lie ahead. Life is about learning and if you don’t choose to listen and learn…..it will teach you again and again! ( I am guilty of this!) “Keep your heart open, your head high and your spirit free.”

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!


Birthdays Are Made For…

{Such A Cute Brewery}

{Let The Tasting Begin}

{In Between Snack and Onto The Next…Thanks Laura}

{Love These Girls}

{Birthday Girl}

{Who’s Counting}

{Pretty Sunset On Our Way To Dinner}

{Group Shot}

Friends! This weekend was a blast. Saturday I headed out to Santa Cruz for a good friends birthday for some beer tasting. This was my first time ever beer tasting, and it was so much fun. They predicted stormy like weather, but we lucked out with some amazing sunshine and not a single drop of rain. We went to two places to taste, and then ventured to 99 Bottles for dinner. The night ended with some cake, and an extremely intense game of charades. If there was a professional team, some of these girls would be on it (Sarah/Diana) haha. I love a weekend full of laughing, good weather, great friends and memorable moments. Happy Birthday Kelly, Hope you enjoyed your day! 🙂

Cheers To The Weekend

{Cheers To The Weekend}

It’s already Friday! I feel like this week flew by- and before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving! The weather people are forecasting some rain for the weekend which means boots, scarves and sweaters. My Favorite – not to mention it’s about time! Fall has finally arrived in California. I will be celebrating a friends birthday tomorrow, and I also need to figure out what I am making/eating on Thanksgiving.  I do know that I will be making some delicious made from scratch Pumpkin Cheesecake for the fam bam. Definitely not on the newtritionsavvy side- but well worth it for Thanksgiving day! (See- I do splurge once in a while). Hope you all have a great weekend..get a workout in, cook, bake and simply take a second to relax. You deserve it! See you Monday.

California Sunshine

{San Pedro Square Market}

{Iced Mint Mojito}

Wow, what a weekend! 80 degrees in November…is this real? Thank you mother nature for the California sunshine. This weekend was a blast. Started Saturday morning with an FNS workout- and then headed to the San Pedro Square Market in dowtown San Jose. I had never been there before, but am happy to report it will be visited again soon. There is a small farmers market outside and then the market itself was filled with cute order at the counter type restaurants, and a cute patio with outdoor seating (indoor available too). What is better than enjoying the day with some friends, Philz Coffee, Farmers Market and a bloody mary? Hope you guys had a great relaxing weekend and were able to get in some exersise and soak up the sun. Cheers to a great week.

Instaweek in Review












Hello Tuesday! As I said in my last post it’s been a busy two weeks! Traveling to NY was definitely the highlight… Can’t wait to go back!! Sorry for those of you that follow my instagram, but here is the last week in review through pictures. A little preshopping for New York, my new favorite ice cream (yes I eat ice cream), a run through Central Park, seeing the Black Keys, John Legend AND Foo Fighters in Central Park (amazing), city view from a NY apt, obsessing over my camera with a glass of wine, and of course a jaunt through Wall Street! I can’t say enough how much I- L-O-V-E -N-Y-C! Let’s just say it’s back work, working out and getting around to some great DIY yourself holiday projects, recipes and snacks. More to come, stay tuned!

Labor Day BBQ.

{After 10 shots we finally got a good one}

{Backyard View…not too shabby}

                             {My cousins who are really like my sisters}

{Intense game of Scategories}

{Cracked Pepper Water Cracker, Cream Cheese and Apricot Jam}

{Heavenly Greens- Spinach, Basil and Romaine}

{Fall is Officially Here….Homemade Pumpkin Pie}

{Finished the night off with a game of Mexican Train}

I wish all weekends were 3 days and full of BBQ and family time! Hope it was a great Labor Day and a couple days to rejuvenate for the week. Make it a great one everybody!